Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI)

Enterprises today are seeking to accelerate innovation and time to market by driving unprecedented resilience, agility, and workload consolidation from IT. With an intelligent hyperconverged infrastructure from HPE, all that is now within reach.

Breaking the boundaries of Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Powered by the predictive intelligence of HPE InfoSight, and capable of running even your most demanding workloads, HPE’s hyperconverged offerings redefine what HCI can be. Self-managing, self-optimizing, and self-healing, this is an AI-driven HCI that delivers the simplicity, efficiency, and economy of hyperconverged for your entire environment.

Upgrade to intelligently simple IT

Leverage an intelligent, high-performance solution that will drive your business from datacenter to the edge. Quick to deploy, fast to scale, and hyper efficient, HPE hyperconverged solutions power all of your apps while streamlining operations, consolidating workloads, and protecting your data.

Streamline IT operations for distributed enterprises

Multiple sites running disparate platforms equals a genuine hassle for IT. A common hyperconverged infrastructure, from core to edge, brings order to administration, support, deployment, and data protection.

Introducing HCI 2.0: the next generation of HCI

Introducing HCI 2.0: the next generation of HCI

HPE Nimble Storage dHCI brings together the best of converged and hyperconverged architectures on a flexible platform with independent scaling of compute and storage.

3 ways HCI 2.0 goes beyond traditional HCI

3 ways HCI 2.0 goes beyond traditional HCI

Flexibility of converged. Simplicity of HCI. Drive IT agility and accelerate time to market with 99.9999% availability.

Power the edge

Power the edge

Harness an architecture that’s ideal for edge and ROBO use cases. Intelligently simple hyperconverged infrastructure can lower costs substantially at the edge. In fact, analysts at ESG found savings of as much as 55% as the number of remote and branch office sites grow.

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Power your business with AI-driven solutions that combine compute, storage, and networking with advanced data services in a single, integrated platform. Deliver unprecedented simplicity, agility, and intelligence with hyperconverged IT.

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