HPE ConvergedSystem

Compute, storage, networking and software as one, optimized for virtualization and a variety of workloads.


Faster Converged Infrastructure for Faster Deployment

HPE ConvergedSystem gives you lower cost of ownership and greater flexibility to meet more business demands. Eliminate the inefficiencies and inflexibility of one-silo-at-a-time infrastructure with software-defined agility and automation.

Deploy pre-validated, factory-tested configurations in weeks instead of months. Set up IT services in minutes, not hours. Integrated, workload-optimized systems eliminate infrastructure silos for improved efficiency, simplicity and speed.

Pre-packaged Power of One

HPE ConvergedSystem integrates Compute, storage, and networking resources. Moving to a converged infrastructure ties virtualization, automation, and unified infrastructure management software together into pre-built, tested, and workload-optimized systems. These systems are software-defined for easy integration into existing infrastructure and quick transition to hybrid cloud delivery models.

Smaller, Faster, Hyper-converged

Ideal solution for small business and remote/branch offices. HPE Hyper-converged Systems go from power-on to provisioning in less than 15 minutes.

Convergence by the Numbers

HPE ConvergedSystem 700 makes your infrastructure faster, simpler, and more efficient.


Less Server Configuration Time¹


Fewer Management Tools²


Reduction in Staffing Costs Versus the Competition³


White Paper : HPE Composable Infrastructure: Bridging traditional IT with the New Style of Business

White Paper

CIOs and business executives are at the forefront of a transformation leveraging the competitive advantages of the new hyper-connected enterprise.

Article : Is Your IT Infrastructure Ready to Move at the Speed of Cloud?


HPE executive describing a new class of infrastructure to drive efficiencies through automation and provision resources at cloud-like speed.

Blog Post : Composable Infrastructure: Harnessing the Power of the Digital Economy

Blog Post

Bring networking, storage, servers and security silos come together into a simply-managed, business-oriented data center.

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Blog Post

Explore HPE Converged Data Center Infrastructure. Network, storage, servers and security merge seamlessly into a simple business-oriented data center.

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The future data center will be a catalyst to align business goals with the IT organization. This ESG video describes the future data center.