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Expert advice to get the most from your cloud transformation

A successful cloud migration is more than just moving workloads. It's a cultural shift that involves technology, people, and business processes all focused on the same goal.

Every cloud project is different, but best practices help manage the challenges that may crop up along the way. Companies most successful in integrating cloud are open to changing how they operate to align with the needs of cloud projects. Take a step back and plan. Support a culture of cloud learning, and provide opportunities for people to take on new cloud roles. Open up new lines of communication to get departments thinking along the same lines.

Cloud initiatives can be difficult to pull off. But with a little ingenuity, the right people in the right roles dedicated to the effort, and a prescriptive methodology, cloud initiatives can transform your business for the future.

What you'll find inside:

Section 1: Preparing for your cloud transformation

  • How to do cloud the right way: 7 best practices for success

Section 2: Making the move to cloud

  • Engaging talent: The cloud transition model for your people
  • Finding the right IT mix for your company
  • Why continuous improvement is critical to learn well early

Section 3: Streamlining cloud operations

  • Six principles to consider for streamlined cloud operations
  • Governance models in a new cloud world

Applying best practices to your cloud migration helps ensure a successful and productive result for your business. Experts look at the issues organizations need to consider before, during, and after this transformative process.