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Creating digital advantage doesn't require tradeoffs

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Today’s businesses are more distributed than ever – with apps and data spread across edges, data centers, and multiple clouds. A hybrid operating model is now the standard, yet the age-old challenge of cloud vs. on-prem remains. At HPE, we believe digital transformation should not require tradeoffs, that it’s possible to have the best of the cloud’s capabilities everywhere your apps and data live, that it’s possible to modernize without compromise. In this issue of The Doppler, we’re excited to show you how.

Why Disneyland® Resort is migrating to HPE GreenLake's hybrid cloud model

The Anaheim hotspot combines the best of cloud and on-premises operations.

Why every sports team needs a chief digital officer

Germany's SV Werder Bremen began looking at its business and sport through a lens of data—completely changing both.

Building a better X-ray through the power of machine learning

How Carestream created an AI-powered ecosystem that helps improve patient outcomes.

Data deluge: How to get data management strategy in sync

Vast amounts of data will drive new insights and better business decisions, but only if you have a comprehensive data management plan in place.

Security: The foundation for transformation success

Effective transformation to an agile cloud operating model demands updated controls, governance, and skill sets. Many companies struggle on this front.

Lessons for retailers: Finding opportunities in challenging times

The way customers shop has forced retailers of all sizes to rethink their businesses. One solution: the "hyper-aware" store.

Sustainable IT: Reducing energy use in a data-hungry world

IT operations have seen huge gains in energy efficiency, but much more is possible.

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