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This quarterly publication brings together the smartest minds at HPE, along with industry experts, to help you transform your business to meet tomorrow’s demands.

Featured Articles

What is the edge, really? We asked our experts

For 21st century enterprises, the edge is where innovation and inspiration begin. 

Your edge, your future

Building the intelligent edge means making intelligent choices.

Lessons for retailers: Finding opportunities in challenging times

The pandemic forced retailers of all sizes to rethink their businesses. One solution: the ‘hyper-aware’ store.

Where’s all this going? Six predictions

The edge is going to change the way we interact with one another and the world.

Hybrid cloud projects: A detailed roadmap

To execute on the right cloud transformation strategy, be clear on your objectives.

Preparing your people for a successful cloud transformation

Your people can be your biggest obstacle. Here are practical steps to help you navigate challenges.

We moved quickly to the cloud―now what?

In fast-tracking their move to cloud, organizations may have missed some critical steps. Here's how to ensure cloud success in the long term.

Zero trust makes business secure by default

As enterprises turn to hybrid IT, they find that conventional identity and access management doesn't keep up.