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A data-first strategy simplifies data management and protection

Best of Enterprise.nxt: With data now the life force of your business, simplifying data management is an essential step.

Data is the life force of every business, and simplifying data management is an essential step in becoming data-first.

The stories below explore ways to simplify data management across edge to cloud, empowering you to transform with a cloud-based operational experience, align storage with business demands, modernize data protection, and unlock the value of data everywhere.

4 steps to data-first modernization
A tactical guide to taking your enterprise through the data transformation journey.

How data helps Oracle Red Bull Racing's Hannah Schmitz make crucial race day decisions
It takes more than a good car to win a race. Here's how strategic decisions based on data can impact the outcome.

Is data gravity a barrier to becoming a data-first digital enterprise?
A conversation with HPE's Lin Nease and Denis Vilfort on the challenges of moving compute power to the edge at scale.

How do you measure the value of data?
There's no one right way to determine if enterprise information is useful, but there are plenty of ways to try.

3 ways a data fabric enables a data-first approach
A well-engineered modern data fabric allows DevOps and other teams to access data in the way they prefer.

Getting the most from your data-driven transformation: 10 key principles
Enterprises need to make investments in the people, processes, and technologies that will drive their data strategies.

What it means to think data-first
Understanding the connections between people and things is how the enterprise finds success.

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