HPE Cray XD670

Accelerate AI performance for Large Language Model training, Natural Language Processing, and multimodal training.

Boost AI performance for GPU-intensive workloads

Develop and train larger AI models faster and accelerate time-to-results with unprecedented efficiency, precision, and detailed insights.

Scale to accommodate growing AI workloads

Leverage breakthrough innovation with fully integrated solutions from the hardware to the software layer to take on workloads of any size and scope.

Accelerate AI initiatives

Deploy AI at scale with a solution optimized for workloads in Natural Language Processing (NLP), Large Language Model (LLM) training, and multimodal training.

Meet evolving business demands with optimum flexibility

Improve power efficiency with a direct liquid cooling option and create a flexible environment with a broad range of supported technologies including accelerators, storage and networking.

Our customers

Boost AI performance with the #1 server for natural language processing

HPE Cray XD670 is #1 in NLP and a top performer across all the MLPerf Inference v4.0 benchmark models where it participated, including GenAI, Computer Vision, and LLMs.

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Technical specifications

  • Chassis

    • 5U chassis system
    • Single 2x CPU node

  • GPU acceleration – Option A

    • 8x NVIDIA H200 SXM 700W TDP GPUs with 141 GB HBM each
    • 2x 5th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors CPUs, up to 400W TDP
    • 32x DIMMs DDR5, 8-channel memory per socket, up to 5600 MHz

  • GPU acceleration – Option B

    • 8x NVIDIA H100 SXM 700W TDP GPUs with 80 GB HBM each
    • 2x 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors CPUs, up to 300W TDP
    • 32x DIMMs DDR5, 8-channel memory per socket, up to 4800 MHz

  • Power and cooling

    • Air cooled and also available with a Direct Liquid Cooling option for improved power efficiency