The power, speed, and flexibility of the public cloud—including point-and-click provisioning to stand up VMs or containers in minutes—is deployed as-a-service in your data center and managed for you with HPE GreenLake. Your configuration is scaled to suit your current needs, and you pay only for what you use above a reserve. In the event of an unexpected increase in demand, built-in buffer capacity allows your team to continue to grow without delay. And because your usage is metered and monitored by HPE, your HPE management team can easily add additional resources ahead of your business growth.

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Get the HPE GreenLake experience

By delivering cloud services from your data center, HPE GreenLake is suitable for cloud-native and non-cloud-native workloads alike. Using HPE GreenLake Consumption Analytics, you can also track your monthly usage costs across your multi-cloud environments with support for on-premises usage, AWS, and Microsoft Azure now, and more to come.

You’ll enjoy a total cost of ownership (TCO) that’s lower than the TCO for a self-configured, self-managed private cloud purchased outright. An included management dashboard allows for rapid self-service provisioning for DevOps, speeding time-to-value in app development. And with turnkey management and support services, your IT team will spend less time on routine management and will be able to focus on higher-value workstreams.

Cloudify your apps and data

Unify your clouds and on-premises IT assets through a single intuitive management dashboard. A self-service, point-and-click interface gives developers a cloud-like experience for provisioning new VMs or containers on your on-premises infrastructure, so it's easy for users to access resources specifically designed to support a wide range of applications.

Gain visibility into usage and costs

Keep tabs on your usage and spend with powerful consumption analytics in the HPE GreenLake Central management platform. View costs by service type, location, or other parameters, and get aggregated usage across your on-prem and cloud deployments. Easily identify optimization opportunities with rules-based insight and get up-to-speed quickly with pre-built analytics for common use cases.

Have the capacity you need on demand

Ensure that you always have the capacity you need for your workloads with a built-in buffer to address any unexpected spikes in resource demand. You’ll have near-real-time visibility into your usage against reserve and buffer capacity, and since your usage is metered and managed by HPE, we’ll be ready to scale up your capacity ahead of your business growth.

Provision, monitor, and manage workloads across your data center and clouds

Easily create and manage your private cloud instances via the HPE GreenLake Central platform. You can also easily import and use your existing VMware-based golden images, as well as provision VMs quickly with preloaded workloads.


For your private cloud infrastructure, HPE GreenLake offers configurations based on workload - optimized systems. You can order, receive, and implement resources quickly and grow capacity ahead of demand. You only pay for what you use above your reserve capacity, and you have transparent visibility into your costs and usage in near-real time with the HPE GreenLake Central platform.

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HPE GreenLake for VMs

For enterprises deploying 100 or more VMs, or those with significant DevOps resource demands, this scalable offering includes the infrastructure and software to bring a public cloud-like experience on premises. This solution can be installed in your data center for added efficiency, security and control.

HPE GreenLake for containers

HPE GreenLake delivers a preconfigured platform designed for fast, easy multicluster, multitenant Kubernetes container deployment. This on-premises, fully managed, pay-per-use solution supports both cloud-native and non-cloud-native applications and delivers the security and scalability your business demands.

See how HPE GreenLake for private cloud works

Click the arrows to see how you can manage virtual machines within HPE GreenLake Central.

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“We can easily configure segregated virtual environments for each customer.”

Madjid Saeedi, enterprise architect for Sopra Steria