Unmatched VM solution offered in a pay-use model

Virtualized environments running on hyperconverged infrastructure combine the flexibility and streamlined agility of VMs with the operational efficiency and simplicity of hyperconverged systems. The HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform delivers your business the benefits of hyperconverged virtual machines without the cost and complexity of manual configuration and operation—or the financial risks of overprovisioning. Monthly billing tracks your actual usage, while HPE GreenLake Central monitors your consumption, working with you to add additional resources as needed ahead of business demand. Whether you prefer a Nutanix environment with a choice of hypervisors, or an HPE SimpliVity–based solution, modular pre-configurations make it easy to select the right options, and HPE can deliver your configuration to your on-premises or co-located data center in as few as 14 days.

No overprovisioning expense

You select your VM deployment based on your current needs, and with the HPE GreenLake platform, we include built-in buffer capacity to cover unexpected spikes in demand. Your usage is metered and capacity is managed jointly with HPE, so we can scale up capacity ahead of business growth.

Streamline operations with a simplified solution

Optional management services from HPE can allow you to offload much of your day-to-day infrastructure management workload—while the design, architecture and installation of your infrastructure is performed by HPE and included in your base cost.

Cost transparency

Variable monthly charges are based on actual metered usage above your reserve capacity. With HPE GreenLake Central, you have near-real-time visibility into the usage and costs of your virtualized environment.

Our highest level of support

HPE GreenLake Management Services includes a single point of contact for your support needs, with an assigned HPE support team that understands your specific IT environment and business workflows.

Hyperconverged Virtual Machine configurations

These HPE GreenLake platform configurations based on purpose-built, cloud-native infrastructure, offer a versatile HCI solution in a pay-per-use model. You can streamline IT operations with fast, efficient, resilient, and intelligent hyperconverged platforms—whether you choose the consistency and simplicity of an HPE SimpliVity offering, or the flexibility of a Nutanix deployment running on HPE ProLiant DX hardware.

We offer three tiers of hyperconverged virtual machine infrastructure configurations for each of the two options.

Compare HPE GreenLake configurations for virtual machines


General Purpose 



Who is this recommended for?

Any environment where flexibility is needed. Typical workloads include webservers/web applications, batch processing, code repositories, and non-mission-critical production workloads.

Any environment where hyperconverged workloads are desired. Options are available that provide a choice of hypervisors, or the hypervisor can be provided as part of your deployment.

Enterprise businesses, or production or research environments with specific workload compute, memory, and storage optimization needs. Typical workloads include big data, NOSQL dBs, graphics processing, optical recognition, and high-resolution video editing.

Technology stack

HPE ProLiant compute with HPE Nimble storage

HPE SimpliVity or Nutanix-configured HPE ProLiant DX

HPE Synergy compute with HPE Primera or HPE Nimble storage

How is usage measured?

Per compute unit (CU)

Per compute unit (CU)

Per compute unit (CU)

Included services

  • Installation and support at your on-premise or co-located data center
  • HPE GreenLake Central
  • Installation and support at your on-premise or co-located data center
  • HPE GreenLake Central
  • Installation and support at your on-premise or co-located data center
  • HPE GreenLake Central