See how the HPE GreenLake platform contributes to the security of your hybrid cloud environment.

Manage cybersecurity risk - wherever your apps and data may live

In today’s hybrid and multi-cloud world, you can outsource operations—but you cannot outsource organizational risk. You need to deeply understand the security of your IT landscape across your users, infrastructure and platforms, workloads and applications, and also the cloud providers you partner with.

The HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform has been designed with zero trust principles and scalable security as a cornerstone of its architecture and development –leveraging common security building blocks from silicon to cloud that continuously protect your infrastructure, workloads, and data, adapting to increasingly complex threats.

Explore how to protect your data with HPE GreenLake for Data Protection - reduce cybersecurity risk across distributed multi-cloud environments, improve your organizational cyber resiliency and aid your compliance efforts. Transform security from a barrier to an accelerator of innovation with the pay per use cloud services, technology and expertise to capitalize on your prior investments and reinforce your existing strategy.



HPE GreenLake has been developed using secure development lifecycle methodologies, zero trust architectural principals to allow highly secure service orchestration, a unified cloud experience to applications and data encryption across your HPE GreenLake estate, including private and public clouds, edge to core.

HPE GreenLake cloud platform provides a secure, unified cloud experience to access your apps and data with fine-grade secure role-based controls for trial, subscription, and consumption of HPE GreenLake service offerings.

With HPE GreenLake for data protection, prevent ransomware attacks, recover from any disruption, and protect your data and VM workloads effortlessly across on-prem and hybrid cloud environments.

Build in zero trust security, organizational resiliency and minimize the risk of your digital transformation with HPE security advisory and professional services including workshops, roadmap, architectural and design advisory services.

Security for HPE GreenLake Central

This paper will help customers understand the security functions and services embodied in HPE GreenLake Central.

Data Protection for HPE GreenLake

Disaster recovery and backup cloud services help customers secure their data from edge to cloud.



HPE GreenLake has been developed with security building blocks that form an embedded security platform designed to continuously and automatically protect infrastructure, operating systems, software platforms and workloads without signatures, significant performance trade-offs or lock-in.

The Project Aurora initiative was developed by HPE to secure HPE GreenLake with security capabilities that will continuously identify zero-day attacks to thwart loss or corruption of your mission-critical systems. This continuous attestation will enable HPE to quickly detect advanced threats in seconds. This can help minimise data loss and unauthorized encryption (and corruption) of valuable data and intellectual property.

Project Aurora: Building the world’s most secure distributed systems

With the Project Aurora security system, HPE has set out to secure the next generation edge-to-cloud solutions.



Understanding risk and how to manage it with your service provider is critical to successful cloud transformation. HPE will help you to define an optimal shared responsibility model that ensures all aspects of your cloud experience are well defined and secure practices and process are agreed.

Enhance your ability to respond to potential threats with HPE GreenLake Management Services - Managed Security Services which include security monitoring, privileged access management, vulnerability management, security hardening with the attention and accountability of an account security officer.

HPE GreenLake for Security, Risk, and Compliance

Protect your business from evolving threats with the right tools and skills.



With the rate of cyberattacks at an all-time high, growing by 50% in 2021, your ability to respond to a cyber threat to protect your enterprise requires constant vigilance and a deep understanding of your organization’s risk profile.

Harness unrivaled cloud-based ransomware protection, backup and recovery, and data protection solutions — and get transparent, near-real-time visibility into your usage and costs via HPE GreenLake cloud platform.

HPE GreenLake for Data Protection

Modernize backup, ransomware protection, and disaster recovery with industry-leading data protection for every SLA.

Customer data

Across all HPE GreenLake cloud services, customers are responsible for managing their data—and for implementing recommended security best practices, such as requiring strong passwords, allocating appropriate privileges, and managing the lifecycle of users in their respective tenants. HPE can help with our suite of industry-leading on-premises and cloud-based data protection solutions and services. Modernise backup, ransomware protection and disaster recovery with industry-leading data protection for every SLA.

Identity and access management

Identity Access Management ensures that the right people and job roles in your organization can access the tools and capabilities required to perform their work in a secure manner. Create and assign users, groups, roles, and spaces using the intuitive, self-service interface in HPE GreenLake cloud platform. Customers retain responsibility for identity and access management for all HPE GreenLake cloud services.

Guest OS image

For HPE GreenLake infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) engagements, customers are responsible for the security of their guest OS image(s). For workloads delivered as a service (such as electronic health records or core financial payment systems), HPE has responsibility for the security of the associated guest OS image.

Self-service user interface

For all cloud services, HPE is responsible for the security of the HPE GreenLake cloud platform, which provides a unified and simplified console to operate cloud services, provision and manage infrastructure, and more across your edge-to-cloud environment. Whether for networking, data management, compute management or cloud services management, customers login to the cloud platform to manage IT.

Cloud management platforms

HPE retains responsibility for the security of HPE GreenLake Central for all HPE GreenLake cloud services. HPE GreenLake Central provides secure unified cloud experience to your apps and data with role-based access to trial, subscription, and consumption of HPE GreenLake service offerings.

Software-defined networking

HPE is responsible for network management and security within the technology stack for the HPE GreenLake cloud service. The customer retains responsibility for the security of their networking outside their HPE GreenLake cloud service.

Virtualization OS

For platform as a service (Paas) and workload as a service (WaaS) engagements, HPE is responsible for the security of the hypervisor that is part of the service. For infrastructure as a service (IaaS) engagements, the customer is responsible for the security of the hypervisor they choose to run on the HPE GreenLake infrastructure.

Physical infrastructure

For all HPE GreenLake cloud services, HPE is responsible for the security of the infrastructure, including hardware, software, and associated networking.


Security support

Fortify your data's confidentiality, integrity, and availability across your hybrid landscape and at the edge. Our experts develop and apply adaptive next-generation security architectures, unify security and compliance on-and off-premises, and innovate with automation and intelligence.

Security and Digital Protection Services

Address vulnerabilities in applications and connections and build security and compliance into the fabric of your business. HPE security services provide edge, cloud, and data expertise with modern approaches such as zero-trust security and DevSecOps, employing industry standards such as NIST.

Report a security vulnerability

We invite security researchers to report potential zero-day security vulnerabilities in HPE-supported software and firmware products to us. These will be sent to the HPE Product Security Response Team (PSRT) for investigation.

HPE Global Privacy Policy

HPE respects and is committed to protecting the personal data of individuals. We develop and follow privacy policies and data protection practices to comply with applicable laws and to earn trust and confidence in HPE and its business practices. Our privacy policies and practices reflect and reinforce the HPE company values of trust, integrity, and quality.