Statement Starters

Statement starters are an effective technique for unlocking creativity and freeing your team from restrictive thought patterns. This method involves rephrasing a problem as a solution-oriented question, thereby stimulating inventive thinking. By converting challenges into inquiry-based statements, you empower your team to seek solutions beyond perceived limitations. This process fosters a mindset of possibility rather than confinement, opening up a broad spectrum of potential solutions. It's a great tool to foster innovation and overcome obstacles in creative problem-solving.

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How to use
  • Select a project, artefact, or topic to be analyzed
  • Bring together all participants and collaborators 
  • Explain the topic of discussion
  • Identify a problem or opportunity to address
  • Rewrite it as a statement
  • Add a “starter” to the beginning of each statement and turn in into a question:
  • “How might we….?”
  • “How do we….?”
  • “How does someone….?”
  • Pick the best statement for each opportunity
  • Use this phrase to begin ideating potential solutions
  • Capture and discuss the ideas generated. 
  • Encourages brainstorming and idea generation
  • Promotes open-ended and creative thinking
  • Facilitates problem-solving discussions
  • Compare multiple potential solutions to the same problem
  • Challenges your assumptions 
  • Pose prompts that are open-ended to encourage diverse ideas
  • Encourage all participants to contribute ideas
  • Use this method as a warm-up for brainstorming sessions
  • Follow up methods: Round Robin, Visualize the vote

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