Creative matrix

The Creative Matrix is a brainstorming tool that promotes the generation of diverse, inventive solutions. Generally, the matrix is structured with two categories, such as people and problem statements, represented on the Y-axis, while enablers (like technologies or mediums) are placed on the X-axis. Each intersection within the matrix is an opportunity to devise creative solutions. By having participants generate ideas at each intersecting point, a multitude of diverse and potentially innovative solutions can be conceived. This method not only stimulates creativity but also ensures that solutions are viewed from multiple angles, ultimately fostering a comprehensive and diverse set of strategies.

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How to use
  • Identify categories and attributes relevant to the problem or challenge. 
  • Draw a matrix on a large board or wall. Label the columns with categories and the rows with attributes. 
  • Write each possible combination of category and attribute on a separate sticky note. 
  • Place each sticky note in the corresponding cell on the matrix. 
  • Use each cell of the matrix as a prompt for brainstorming and idea generation. 
  • Promotes creativity and innovation. 
  • Generates a broad range of ideas. 
  • Helps explore multiple dimensions of a problem. 
  • The more diverse the categories and attributes, the broader the range of ideas generated. 
  • Encourage wild and out-of-the-box ideas. 
  • Follow up methods: Round Robin, Affinity Clustering. 

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