Data Privacy & Media Handling

Protecting Sensitive Data

HPE policy prohibits the return of storage media which contains sensitive data. It is the customer's responsibility to protect and secure their data.  

Customers are required to sanitize or encrypt storage media prior to return to HPE, or retain media that has not been sanitized or encrypted. If media is retained or damaged, additional charges will apply.

HPE offers a portfolio of products and services that support data privacy, including DMR and Onsite Sanitization.

Policy Statements

Click the boxes below to view or download HPE's policy statements regarding Data Privacy and Media Handling.

Media Handling Policy Statement
HPE's primary policy statement regarding the handling of storage media returned to HPE.
Defective Media Retention (DMR)
Policy statement that outlines the customer's responsibilities when utilizing HPE's DMR service.
HPE Privacy Statement
This Privacy Statement informs you about our privacy practices.