99.9% of permanent employees completed privacy training in 2014


People everywhere increasingly rely on information technology (IT) to manage their daily lives. They also expect their personal information to be protected.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise understands the importance of privacy to the consumers and organizations that buy our products and services. In our own operations, we endeavor to go beyond minimum legal obligations, and follow rigorous policies and procedures, to safeguard customers’ personal information.

Our Privacy Office oversees customer data protection, advocates globally for consistent, compatible privacy frameworks, and shares best practices with peers, governments, and other stakeholders. We are leading industry efforts to develop an ethical framework for the collection and use of big data.

Open approach

Our privacy strategy is based on providing transparency and choice for HPE customers worldwide. We create a chain of accountability for data privacy and security throughout our business and apply Privacy by Design in the product development process.

Our comprehensive HPE Privacy Accountability Framework represents our comprehensive approach to assessing and managing the risks associated with collecting and handling personal data. The framework goes beyond minimum legal requirements, ensures transparent practices, and takes into account our company values, ethical considerations, contractual agreements, and local cultures. The high-level HPE Privacy and Data Protection Board (PDPB) oversees privacy risk management and mitigation, meeting every quarter.

Every permanent employee in our global workforce receives privacy training as part of our mandatory Standards of Business Conduct (SBC) annual refresher course. We also require privacy accountability from third-party organizations that have access to our customers’ personal data.


Protecting individual rights to privacy

HPE is at the forefront of efforts to protect individual rights to privacy as new technologies and business models using big data evolve.

Our work in this area centers on our leadership in developing the Unified Ethical Frame for Big Data Analysis. This groundbreaking initiative is led by the Information Accountability Foundation (IAF) and backed by regulators, companies, and the privacy community. HPE’s Chief Privacy Officer co-chairs the project’s research team, which is developing a code of ethics to guide companies and other organizations that work with big data. Learn more in our 2014 Living Progress report.

Customer queries and concerns

Employees and customers can contact our Privacy Office in more than 30 languages with queries, concerns, or comments. We follow strict protocols for handling inquiries and requests appropriately and promptly. In 2014, the Privacy Office handled more than 7,100 inquiries.

The Better Business Bureau helps track our compliance and provides independent dispute-resolution mechanisms when customers have concerns about the security of their data.


Privacy in products and services

From design through use, refurbishment, and recycling, we strive to ensure our products and services meet the highest privacy standards. The HPE Privacy Advisor questionnaire helps employees assess products for compliance. Through HPE Labs, we develop and collaborate on new approaches to privacy protection, for example by leading the international Cloud Accountability Project (A4Cloud)

Global engagement

Our Privacy Office works with government agencies, lawmakers, regulators, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), and industry groups to encourage a more unified and robust approach to privacy regulation worldwide. While some variation by country is inevitable, we support more global interoperability of privacy regulations.

In 2014, we received certification in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation’s (APEC) Cross-Border Privacy Rules, a regional system we helped develop. For more on our recent engagement efforts in the Americas, Asia-Pacific, and Europe see our 2014 Living Progress Report.

For more information about our commitment to privacy, read the HPE Global Master Privacy Policy.

1.  All figures contained on this page are reflective of hewlett-Packard Company prior to the company's November 1, 2015 separation. Hellwtt Packeard Enterprise Company metrics will be introduced to the site on an on-going basis as the become available.