HPE Fellows and Senior Fellows

Pioneers in their fields, HPE Fellows and Senior Fellows set the standards for technical excellence and drive the direction of technology in their respective disciplines.

They are not only exceptional technologists, they are futurists whose contributions shape both HPE and our industry as a whole.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Fellows

Steven Alexander

Mark Pearson

Charles Clark

Dorothy Stanley

Pradeep Iyer

Jose Tellado

Partha Narasimhan

Michael Zayats

Ray Beausoleil

Senior Fellow

Patrick Knebel

Kirk Bresniker

Michael Krause

Gary Campbell

Andrew Wheeler

Paolo Faraboschi

Mark Watkins

Terry Morris

Umesh Maheshwari

Dave Carlisle

Lin Nease

Vinay Saxena

Colin I'Anson

Peter Corbett

Erin Handgen


Analyst Report : Living Progress Report

Living Progress Report
Analyst Report

Our annual report details how our actions and innovations contribute to human, environmental and economic progress across our value chain and in communities around the world.