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The Model DY-2500 was the first instrument produced by Dynac, which was originally formed as a separate organization from HP.

Dynac Model DY-2500 Computing Digital Indicator, C. 1956

The Model DY-2500 was the first production instrument made by Dynac, which was formed as an independent company in 1956 to concentrate on the increasing demand for special purpose systems composed of standard "building block" instruments. It was then believed that these special jobs could better be performed for the time being by an organization separate from HP. An early "spin-off," the company was financed in part by HP and HP employees and in part by some of Dynac's early employees. HP served as a principal source of supply for instruments used in the complete systems designed by Dynac.

The name "Dynac" was derived from the Hewlett-Packard logo in order to associate its products with the quality engineering and production of HP. The HP symbol, "hp," was inverted to create the logo, "dy." Dynac was changed to Dymec in 1958 to avoid conflict with an existing trademark.

Eventually, the growth in demand for complete electronic systems and special purpose electronic instruments exceeded expectations and placed severe strain upon the limited financial resources of Dymec. Because of the close relations between Dymec and HP and the complementary nature of their products, Dymec was merged into HP as the Dymec division in 1959.