Hardware recycling services for organizations (Americas)

Recycling services accessible from this site for the Americas fall into three categories:

  • Internal HPE recycling service requests for HPE owned assets;
  • Internal HPE sales representative service requests on behalf of a customer (recycling bundled with the purchase of new products); and
  • External customer recycling service requests for products that are not associated with a new purchase from HPE.


Countries covered:

Consult the country drop down lists in the recycling quote request forms accessible below to see which services are available in each country. We are working to make services available in the following countries: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, United States.

Services offered and cost for this program:

  • Recycling (e.g., shredding and processing to recover metals, plastics, etc.)—recycling of the types of devices that HPE makes is typically free (servers, storage and networking equipment). You may be quoted a cost for recycling of other types of computer equipment.
  • Pickup and transport service—typically a charge will be quoted for this service.
  • Other special services, such as serial number capture, where available—charges are quoted for these services when requested.


Scope and limitations for recycling services accessible through this site include:

  • This recycling program is only for computer hardware. Non-computer-equipment, such as televisions, air conditioners, microwave ovens, lab equipment, etc., are not eligible for the program. Supplies such as loose print cartridges and batteries are not eligible for the program.
  • Recycling services do not include product de-installation. If pickup service is provided, all hardware for recycling must be staged and ready to ship at a facility access point.
  • Any required data sanitization (erasure, degaussing, etc.) must be addressed prior to obtaining recycling services.

How can HPE customers request the Service? There are two ways to request the hardware recycling service from HPE in the Americas:

  • If purchasing new HPE hardware, ask your HPE sales representative to bundle used hardware disposition within the purchase agreement. In this way, if a customer is entitled to free recycling services associated with new purchases or installations, then the no-cost arrangements can be identified. Or, if there are costs associated with a recycling project that must be billed to the customer, then any costs can be incorporated in the overall sales deal for simpler processing. (Option 1 below is for HPE sales reps to use to request recycling on your behalf.)
  • If you do not have an active sales deal, you can review options 2 and 3 below. Note that if there are costs that are not covered by HPE, then either HPE or the recyclers supporting the Service will quote a cost, and you may be required to establish a separate payment mechanism (such as purchase order) directly with the hardware recycling supplier. Also you may wish to review reuse options under “Trade In” and “Return for Cash” at www.hpe.com/recycle—these options may be useful in avoiding hardware disposition costs.


If you wish to request a recycling service price quote in the Americas, please select one of the following options to proceed:

1. Hewlett Packard Enterprise internal team requesting a recycling service quote - click here for

  • HPE personnel requesting recycling services for HPE owned assets;
  • HPE sales representative requesting recycling services to support a customer (bundled with the sale of new products).


2. Non-HPE party requesting a recycling service that is not associated with a new purchase from HPE- click here*

*NOTE: If you select option 2 you agree that your request will be routed to an independent external party, Reverse Logistics Group Americas (RLGA) for quoting and fulfillment. Your request will not be fulfilled by HPE. After you submit your request, RLGA or its recycling partners will contact you with any questions, will provide any price quote, and, if the quote is accepted, will arrange services. HPE is not a party to any service agreements or arrangements between you and RLGA or its recycling partners. Any and all arrangements are solely the responsibility of RLGA and customers requesting recycling services and HPE assumes no liability for services rendered by RLGA.