A leader in environmental responsibility

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has been a leader in environmental responsibility and has advocated globally for policies and regulations that encourage sustainable and energy efficient technology. Our leadership in reducing the environmental impact of our products has resulted in numerous recognitions of our design and technological innovations.

TCO Certified

TCO Certified is a global sustainability certification for IT products, available for computers, mobile devices, display products, and data center products. Criteria cover both social and environmental sustainability and enable circular solutions. Compliance with criteria is independently verified. TCO Certified is a third-party certification in accordance with ISO 14024. Learn more about TCO Certified here. HPE is the first brand to offer server products that are certified according to TCO Certified. More details can be found in the Product Finder.



ENERGY STAR® is a voluntary energy efficiency program launched by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and managed by the EPA and U.S. Department of Energy to help save money and protect the environment. Products that earn the ENERGY STAR® certification prevent greenhouse gas emissions by meeting strict energy efficiency guidelines. HPE is committed to the ENERGY STAR® program and offers products and services worldwide that help our customers save money and conserve energy without sacrificing features or performance.

HPE ENERGY STAR® Qualified Servers 

HPE ENERGY STAR® Qualified Storages

Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool


The EPEAT program is the leading global IT ecolabel. EPEAT provides independent verification of manufacturers’ sustainability claims and lists qualifying products on the EPEAT Registry. National governments, including the United States, and other private and public institutional purchasers worldwide use EPEAT as part of their sustainable procurement process. HPE now offers several EPEAT-registered Servers to our customers on the EPEAT Registry.

HPE Server Recyclability Assessment

HPE Green Transportation Declaration

China Energy Conservation Program (CECP)


The CECP is an energy efficiency program that aims to stimulate production of more resource-efficient products.

HPE CECP Certified Servers 

China State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA)


China State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA) is a standard to promote the use of energy-saving products and protect the environment during production, use, and disposition.

HPE SEPA Certified Servers 

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