Nondiscrimination Policy

Commitment to Diversity, Inclusion and Nondiscrimination

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to people and to fair employment practices. As Hewlett Packard Enterprise has grown and expanded throughout the world, its work force has become more diverse. Hewlett Packard Enterprise believes that this diverse work force helps the company realize its full potential. Recognizing and developing the talents of each individual brings new ideas to Hewlett Packard Enterprise. The company benefits from the creativity and innovation that results when people who have different experiences, perspectives and cultures work together. This is what drives invention and high performance at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. We believe a well-managed, diverse work force expands the company’s base of knowledge, skills and cross-cultural understanding, which in turn, enables us to understand, relate and respond to our diverse and changing customers throughout the world, connecting them to the power of technology.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise's Diversity and Inclusion Philosophy

  • A diverse, high-achieving workforce is the sustainable competitive advantage that differentiates Hewlett Packard Enterprise. It is essential to win in the marketplaces, workplaces and communities around the world.
  • An inclusive, flexible work environment that values differences motivates employees to contribute their best.
  • To better serve our customers, we must attract, develop, promote and retain a diverse workforce.
  • Trust, mutual respect and dignity are fundamental beliefs that are reflected in our behavior and actions.
  • Accountability for diversity and inclusion goals drives our success.

Compliance, Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action

Consistent with our Best Work Environment Policy, our policy and practice at Hewlett Packard Enterprise is to maintain a work environment free from discrimination, one where employees are treated with dignity and respect. All employees share in the responsibility for fulfilling Hewlett Packard Enterprise's commitment to equal employment opportunity. To that end, Hewlett Packard Enterprise's Global Non-Discrimination Policy provides that we do not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of gender, color, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, disability, pregnancy, covered veteran status, protected genetic information and political affiliation.

We also comply with all applicable national and local laws pertaining to non-discrimination and equal opportunity.

Grievance Policy

If you have a question or wish to discuss a possible violation, you should first discuss it with those in your management chain. If you are not comfortable with that approach for any reason, or if no action is taken, please contact the Ethics and Compliance office at: