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As the consumer demand for new and traditional payment types increases, businesses need to modernize their payment system experience to adapt to changing markets faster than their competitors. However, banks, financial institutions, and retail outlets are finding that the biggest challenge to making modifications is that technology is hard to predict. The software you build on must be flexible enough to handle whatever comes next.

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HPE GreenLake for Payments

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Business applications – cloud services 

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HPE GreenLake Cloud Services


Position your retail payment systems for the future


Together, HPE GreenLake and Lusis Payments offer solutions that can help you migrate onto a modern, service-oriented architecture across multiple channels, such as ATM, POS, and Internet and mobile banking. Whether you need help with platform integration or mitigating security, compliance, or scalability concerns, we help you easily manage, transform, and optimize complex transaction environments—fueling growth and innovation without interruption. HPE GreenLake for Core Payment Systems in partnership with Lusis offers a platform that supports new and traditional payment types and easy-to-maintain compliance in a complete payment solution with a pay-per-transaction model—all with the cloud experience.


  • Gain performance and agility

Leverage the Lusis TANGO suite's cloud-native, microservices architecture with an unrestricted scale that has been benchmarked at 10,000 transactions per second with constant response times.


  • Protect everywhere

Strengthen fraud detection using NonStop AdvantageTango AIF™ which provides accurate and robust protection even where complete data is not available.


  • Improve service availability

Leverage HPE's proven virtualized server software for the highest service availability for large-scale retail payments.


  • Fuel your business with innovative ideas

Simplify and automate tasks with full remote management, so you can easily and securely respond to new business opportunities.


  • Control costs

Make smart infrastructure investments and take advantage of the economics and flexibility of public cloud, paying only for what you consume and reducing your total cost of ownership.


Better together

The HPE and Lusis Payments partnership delivers joint solutions that enable you to mitigate risk and deliver high levels of assured customer service, while removing the complexities of adapting your traditional payments ecosystem to meet future needs. Together, HPE GreenLake with Lusis Payments offers industry-leading technology, unmatched reliability, agility, and performance to set the stage for growth.Our partnership delivers a portfolio of high performance, high security, scalable solutions that are built to evolve. With the combined power of HPE’s industry-leading catalog of cloud services and the Lusis Payments technology, you can migrate your payments services onto a modern, agile platform that unlocks your ability to provide significantly better customer service and value.

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