HPE Discover 2024

Week of June 17

Meet with HPE executives, subject matter experts and peers

Get answers, insights, and guidance to help you reach your goals

Attend HPE Discover 2024 and get access to the crucial information and support you need to address your unique challenges and realize your most critical business objectives, as well as a range of valuable opportunities to forge new relationships and bolster existing ones.

Digital Transformation Advisors

Get 1:1 expert guidance to navigate your unique digital journey across edge, hybrid cloud, AI – and beyond

During your Digital Transformation Advisory meeting, you will engage 1:1 with a senior HPE strategist in a 45-minute, personalized discussion based on the unique outcomes that your business is driving. Together, we will work to map the value that HPE and our ecosystem can provide you across edge, hybrid cloud, data, AI and sustainability.

Using our unique Digital Journey Map, we will explore your strategic digital initiatives, pain points, and objectives and identify key focus areas highlighting the technologies and strategies you need to advance your transformation. You will immediately receive tailored advice to make the most of your time at HPE Discover 2024 and a set of tangible actions to execute the next steps of your digital transformation journey.

Meetings available to registered attendees only.

Peer-to-Peer meetings

Discover the gateway to meeting like-minded industry peers to exchange valuable insights and create lasting connections that will shape your future.

Be a part of this year's HPE Peer-to-Peer Program – an intimate in-person experience dedicated to growth, learning, and the forging of relationships that truly matter.

  • Networking: Dive into a community of professionals with similar challenges and create meaningful connections.
  • Relevant Success Stories: Gain practical insights from customers who have successfully navigated relatable difficulties and improved their operations using technology.
  • Tailored Discussions: Choose a 1:1 format or join an informal roundtable discussion with other customers. Either way, each session is thoughtfully designed to suit your business's specific needs, focusing on your industry, the solutions that intrigue you, and the obstacles you face.
  • Business Strategy Enrichment: Explore new pathways for growth and development through valuable interactions that provide insights and new perspectives.

Meeting request tools to open soon.

“I found these meetings helpful as they sparked interesting conversations with other HPE customers who are using similar hardware and spurred the exchange of interesting insights and ideas. I have surely learned something from those sessions and I am grateful to the HPE team for organizing these discussions and to inviting us!”​

-Petr Vecera, Datacenter Team Manager, G-Research

HPE Meeting Center

Get personalized guidance from over 400 subject matter experts!

The HPE Meeting Center is the perfect place for you to engage in individually-tailored discussions with HPE executives and over 400 subject matter experts, providing you with customized information that can help you achieve your business goals.

With dedicated spaces for formal engagements and a comfortable, relaxing lounge for more casual discussions, the Meeting Center can fulfill your various meeting requirements.

Meetings can be pre-scheduled via sales reps and partner business managers or scheduled onsite via the Meeting Center.