HPE Aruba Networking ClearPass Policy Manager

Secure your network with policies based on the principles of zero trust security to support hybrid workplace initiatives, IoT devices, and edge computing.

Adopt holistic edge to cloud security

Simplify access for authorized users and devices with ”least privilege” controls. Secure visitors, partners, customers and employees connecting to Wi-Fi, wired and WAN networks with built-in solutions such as pre-configured guest portals, device configuration monitoring and adherence to zero trust and SASE security principles.

Built-in zero trust security

Enable IT teams to deploy robust role-based policies for implementing zero trust security for enterprises.

Cyber Catalyst™ designation

HPE Aruba Networking security innovations recognized for ability to reduce cyber risk for zero trust and SASE implementations.

Reduce risk with traffic segmentation

Get consistent protection with identity-based access that is dynamically enforced across wired, wireless, and WAN networks.

Our customers

Security to fit any network

Cloud-native network access control delivers zero trust protection needed for modern networks from the edge to the cloud with centralized access policy definition that is enforced throughout the network.

Seamless edge-to-cloud zero trust

Manual approaches become impractical as networks grow in complexity and scale. Cloud-native approaches simplify operations and improve security by providing continuous identity-based access control across network domains from remote workers to branches to campuses to the cloud.

Eliminate network blind spots

Leverage network telemetry to apply ML-based classification models that are used to fingerprint, identify, and profile anything connected across the wired, wireless and WAN infrastructure. 

SASE solutions from edge to cloud

Don’t compromise when selecting key components such as SD-WAN and cloud-delivered security services. Choice of best-of-breed or all-in-one.

Rich Ecosystem of Security Partners

ClearPass integrates with 150 third-party IT systems. This means that ClearPass can share information with the rest of the security ecosystem. In addition, ClearPass can receive third party security alerts and change access privileges to respond to an attack.

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