Deliver fast, reliable Wi-Fi performance, boost network efficiency, and support the growing mobile and IoT density demands on your network.

Technology to manage your network

HPE Aruba Networking solutions deliver the flexibility and performance you need to support digital workplace initiatives. Create engaging experiences delivered with automation and security. 

Gateways and controllers

HPE Aruba Networking controllers and gateways deliver optimal performance, security, and resiliency across WLAN, LAN and SD-WAN. Support mobility and IoT with high-performance network access points and security for campus and branch.

Wireless access points

Wireless devices have become an integral part of our daily lives and are key to getting ahead in business. HPE Aruba Networking wireless network access points provide an easy way to expand and scale networks while maintaining security and performance. They make it possible for you to manage and secure your entire network without having to monitor disparate pieces of it.

Remote access points

RAPs make it easy for employees to work from anywhere while keeping the corporate network safe. Deploy remote networks safely and securely while enabling wired and wireless access, intranet access, and mobile collaboration.

Controllerless access points

Our controllerless network access points are simple, secure, and budget-friendly. With HPE Aruba Networking Instant Mode, you can get your Wi-Fi up and running quickly, enabling you to focus on accelerating your business rather than holding you up with technical issues.