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Drive innovation from the edge to the cloud with security-first, AI-powered networking.

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AI and security for the network

People, devices, data, and applications are everywhere. They need to be securely connected at scale—without compromising performance or overburdening IT teams.

Conquer this complexity with AI-powered networking that puts security first. Enable access that is simple, smart, and more secure, with an intelligent network built on Zero Trust and SASE principles.

A secure network for AI

Enterprises need a network that supports the data-heavy demands of AI, together with having AI that supports the network. Efficiently capture, secure, and move your data with a high bandwidth, low-latency, secure and scalable network from HPE Aruba Networking.

Broad-based infrastructure

Support many different AI uses cases with a broad set of connectivity options, from wired to wireless with integral IoT to private 5G. Collect data wherever it’s generated and deliver strong, reliable connectivity for the most demanding AI applications.

Unified, AI-powered visibility and control

Avoid silos by implementing a unified edge-to-cloud network. Apply consistent security policies, centralize management, and monitor, troubleshoot and optimize the network with a comprehensive set of proven AI solutions.

Built-in security

Protect data, infrastructure, and applications (including AI workloads)—and better meet compliance requirements—with security that is built in from the start, not bolted on.

Consumption flexibility

Keep pace with the dynamic nature of AI with a network that’s just as flexible. Be ready to scale up as needed to deploy new AI use cases faster and more effectively.

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HPE Aruba Networking Central

See how AI can improve network troubleshooting, optimization, and security in our virtual tour and walkthrough of key features.

HPE Aruba Networking Fabric Composer

Try a guided or interactive demo of our smart, software-defined orchestration solution for enterprise data center networks—and experience how it simplifies IT operations.

HPE Aruba Networking unified SASE

Access a live SSE and SD-WAN production environment to experience unified SASE and its advanced features in action.

HPE Aruba Networking SSE

Test drive our unified SSE platform. Access and interact with a live SSE production environment to experience our single UI for ZTNA, CASB and SWG.

HPE Aruba Networking SD-WAN

Take a secure SD-WAN test drive and explore advanced features like single screen administration, business intent overlays, real-time monitoring, and automation.

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