HPE Edgeline Converged Edge Systems

Converged OT and enterprise-class IT in a single, ruggedized system that implements data center-level compute and management technology at the edge.

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The edge is where the action is

The edge is everywhere that is not the data center nor the cloud—a factory floor, an oil rig, or an airport—practically anywhere. The things residing at the edge—cars, drills, cameras, personal devices, and more—are sources of rapidly growing big data. The ability to analyze this data in a rapid and efficient manner, and then take action on the data, enables you to optimize operations, redefine employee experiences, improve customer satisfaction, and create differentiated business models. For those edge environments, HPE Edgeline delivers on two promises of value: Converged operational technology (OT) with informational technology (IT), and delivering enterprise-class IT at the edge.

Converged OT and IT, only from HPE

The first promise of value is that HPE Edgeline converges OT such as data acquisition systems, control systems, and industrial networks already in place at the edge with traditional IT systems. The benefit of this convergence results in less space, less energy, lower operating expenses, and overall higher performance in a converged edge system. And it’s only available from HPE.

Enterprise IT, available at the edge

The second promise of value is that HPE Edgeline shifts uncompromised enterprise-class IT from the data center out to the edge with Intel Xeon compute, up to 48 TB of SSD storage, integrated networking, wired/wireless connectivity to infrastructure, and secure systems management via HPE Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) — all in a rugged design. Now you can run unmodified enterprise-class software applications directly at the edge and benefit from faster response times, improved security, and proven reliability.

HPE Edgeline converged edge systems

Implement powerful, data center-level compute and management technology at the edge, where the data is created and must be analyzed. HPE Edgeline hardened machines—able to operate in extreme conditions—robust computing power and high-capacity storage in an edge-optimized form factor for remote locations. HPE works with OT industry leaders such as ABB, GE, PTC, and National Instruments to make sure that you get absolutely the right solution for you.

Reduce space and energy consumption

Converged OT/IT reduces physical infrastructure footprint size and reduces the amount of energy consumption.

Accelerate time to action and control

Collect, manage, and analyze data at the edge to quickly gain insight and react to changes and opportunities.

Cost efficiency

Put compute power at the edge to reduce network infrastructure and management costs, and remove unnecessary spending for storage capacity in DC or cloud environments.

Where converged OT and edge computing is winning now

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Industrial IoT

Capture, manage, and take an immediate action on edge data to improve operational efficiency and quality, and create new business models and values for your customers.

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AI and edge video analytics

Get quick insights and respond fast to events due to reduced latency, and massively improved accuracy of video analytics capabilities.

Telecommunications and media

Address 5G and MEC implementations, and support next generation edge applications. Leverage specialized compute resources for the specific needs of telco applications.

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HPE Smart Product Engineering

Mobile workspace

Deliver the best user experience possible even for workstation class users, with a scalable, cost effective, and easy to deploy and manage solution. Improve employee productivity without the need for a virtualized environment.

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HPE Edgeline portfolio

Services for the Intelligent Edge and IoT

HPE Pointnext

HPE Pointnext

IT services to accelerate your digital transformation, so you can create new customer experiences, optimize core business operations, and deliver new products and services.

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Operational Support Services

Operational Support Services

IT support services that help remove complexity and unify data center, cloud, and edge environments to enable rapid response to challenges and opportunities.

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Advisory and Transformation Services

Advisory and Transformation Services

Design the transformation and help build a roadmap tuned to your unique challenges with practices specifically focused on Hybrid IT and the Intelligent Edge.

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Success in action

National Instruments launches edge computing

National Instruments needed to eliminate latency in its sensing devices. It can now deliver the processing power and capacity needed to support big data analytics at the edge.

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Smart manufacturing with smart IIoT technology

HIROTEC’s new infrastructure eliminates data processing latency and provides analysis in real time to help it efficiently manage its factory machinery.

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Take a tour of the Refinery of the Future

Take a tour of the Refinery of the Future
Experience real-world Industrial IoT technology application examples in a production environment. Register for an in-person tour through the Refinery of The Future.

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