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Converged data protection and copy data management services at the speed of all-flash.
Data protection playbook for all-flash, cloud-ready storage
Data protection playbook for all-flash, cloud-ready storage
Bring unparalleled flexibility and scalability to the way you protect your mission-critical apps by combining cloud with on-premises IT. Learn the five key considerations for flash storage-integrated and cloud-ready data protection.
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Solve the data protection challenge

Combine the benefits of backups and snapshots in an application-managed, storage-integrated data protection solution. Storage snapshot-based backup solutions provide fast, simple and affordable end-to-end data protection.

Flash-integrated data protection built for cloud

HPE Recovery Manager Central (RMC) integrates HPE 3PAR and HPE Nimble all-flash arrays with HPE StoreOnce Systems, leveraging snapshot performance with backup protection to deliver flash speed application protection and copy data management built for cloud with less cost and complexity. 

Innovations in data protection and copy data management

Learn about the latest developments in flash-integrated data protection built for cloud.

Flash speed protection for Nimble

Deliver on your SLAs with fast, efficient, simple and reliable protection for HPE Nimble Storage.

Take the time and stress out of data protection

Create and automate backup, replication and archival SLA policies with just a few clicks.

Get more from your backups

Transform backup from a reactive insurance policy to a proactive value-add service. 

Protect workloads at the speed of flash

HPE RMC delivers the end-to-end data protection and rapid recovery that your applications demand – from the data centre to the cloud whether you use on premises flash storage for its low latency and security, cloud for its ubiquity and low cost, or a hybrid of both to achieve your right mix of storage.

Elevate protection performance for all-flash demands


Faster Backups2


Faster Restores2


Lower cloud storage costs1

Fast, efficient, simple, reliable.

Learn how HPE RMC is designed for aggressive flash-enabled applications and stringent RTO/RPO SLAs with end-to-end data protection and copy data management for your enterprise apps and virtualised environments.

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Rapid, non-disruptive backup and online recovery

HPE RMC eliminates the backup window and enables rapid online recovery with hundreds of fast, non-disruptive, application-consistent snapshots. This reduces the backup impact on your applications, which supports the performance of your HPE 3PAR and HPE Nimble flash deployment.

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Protect workloads fast as flash

With HPE RMC Express Protect, the performance that flash application SLAs require is met. Achieve 23 times faster backups and 15 times faster restores3 than traditional methods by enabling backups of snapshot data from HPE 3PAR and HPE Nimble to HPE StoreOnce appliance (physical or virtual), independent of backup server software.

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Simple, efficient data protection

HPE RMC simplifies the backup architecture required for protecting applications. All backups are deduplicated using HPE StoreOnce Federated Deduplication technology, thereby reducing backup storage requirements by up to 20 times4.

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Put your backup data to work

HPE 3PAR and Nimble storage-integrated copy data management solves the challenges of copy data proliferation and manual data provisioning with fast, automated and zero-impact data access for recovery, analytics and app development.

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Application-managed data protection

With application integrated protection, you can manage application consistent snapshots, backup, and recovery directly from your preferred native interface. HPE RMC also enables crash consistent backups and snapshots on any application running on HPE 3PAR and HPE Nimble.

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Self-contained, fully independent backups

Backups stored on HPE StoreOnce are self-contained, fully independent volumes. With HPE RMC, these can be restored back to the original or a different HPE 3PAR or HPE Nimble array in the event of a disaster, or if physical problems occur in the production storage environment. This level of data protection cannot be achieved with snapshots alone.

HPE Recovery Manager Central Software

Download technical details for RMC Software, integrating with SAP HANA, Oracle, VMware, Microsoft Exchange and SQL.

Featured case studies

Re-engineer data protection for your flash world

Contact us to let us show you how to move forward with your backup storage architecture and radically improve your data center.


Brochure : Data Protection Playbook for All-Flash, Cloud-Ready Storage

Brochure | PDF | 1.30 MB

Learn why data protection and retention solutions integrated with an end-to-end flash storage strategy is critical in migrating to the All-Flash Datacentre.


brochure | application/pdf | 4045 KB

Explore the data protection and copy data management solutions from HPE RMC and HPE StoreOnce Catalyst Plug-ins for Oracle, SAP HANA, and SQL Server in this brochure.


analyst report | application/pdf | 549 KB

This report examines how HPE RMC 6.0 goes beyond typical CDM, enabling support between heterogeneous arrays and fully utilizing on-premises secondary storage and cloud tiers to provide a more holistic and cost-effective copy data management solution.


success story | application/pdf | 690 KB

Learn about combining the performance of snapshots and replication with the protection of backups and data protection with HPE Recovery Manager Central (RMC) for HPE 3Par StoreServ.


solution brief | application/pdf | 280 KB

Learn how HPE Recovery Manager Central for Microsoft Exchange can help with snapshot management and enable recovery of individual mailboxes or mailbox folders.

Solution Brief : Protect your data – Wherever it resides

Solution Brief

The "Optimised Data Protection for Hybrid IT" solution brief describes how HPE's Hybrid IT Data Protection solution can reduce risk and ensure resilience for your business critical applications and data.


solution brief | application/pdf | 265 KB

This solution brief describes how StoreOnce Recovery Manager Central software allows virtual machine (VM) admins to manage snapshots, backup, and recovery directly and seamlessly from within VMware vCenter.


reference architecture | application/pdf | 3116 KB

This solution overview demonstrates how to use HPE RMC-O to manage application-consistent HPE 3PAR snapshots, backup snapshots to HPE StoreOnce and the cloud, and perform copy data management operations.


analyst report | application/pdf | 948 KB

Read about integrated data protection for all-flash arrays that support critical applications of enterprises for better scalability & reliability in this analyst report.


success story | application/pdf | 1404 KB

Organizations deploying large-scale SAP HANA environments struggle with protecting the rapidly growing and changing mission-critical data. HPE provides an end-to-end data protection solution for SAP HANA environments.


business report | application/pdf | 925 KB

This business white paper discusses the comprehensive data protection solution that HPE provides for SAP HANA environments and how the solution is differentiated relative to competitors such as EMC, Pure and NetApp.

1 Assuming dedupe ratio of 20:1 as compared to a fully hydrated backup.

2 Compared to traditional backup environments.

3 Based on internal HPE testing performed in May 2016 comparing backup performance of HPE Recovery Manager Central with traditional, non-HPE backup software.

4 As compared to a fully hydrated backup.