HPE StoreOnce Data Protection Backup Appliances

Backup appliances that offer simple affordable and flexible data protection with rapid recovery and application integration.

StoreOnce Data Protection backup appliances & solutions

Deploy the fastest data protection solution in the market1 to secure your growing data while reducing cost, risks, and complexities

Less stress, more rest – with HPE’s Ninja Protected+ Backup Assessment tools

No matter whether you are a backup admin, IT operations manager, or an executive, we can help shed some light on how your environment is really doing. As part of the HPEs Ninja Protected+ Backup Assessment, we start with a free backup assessment (yes, free with no strings attached). Do you really know how secure your data is? Let HPE help you to determine a data protection strategy with our Ninja Protected+ Backup Assessment Tool.

Flash integrated recovery for HPE 3PAR StoreServ

HPE Recovery Manager Central (RMC) with Express Protect for HPE 3PAR StoreServ delivers the speed and cost-effective retention of snapshots, the protection of disk-based backup and rapid recovery of a full backup.

Application-managed protection for HPE StoreOnce

Accelerate performance and deduplication efficiency for enterprise applications like SAP HANA, Oracle, SQL and leading Backup ISVs like Data Protector, Veritas and Veeam. Enjoy lower cost and risk, all with unified management.

Our latest innovations

HPE Cloud Bank Storage

Leverage the cloud platform of your choice, including AWS S3, Microsoft Azure, and Scality for long term retention, disaster recovery, and archiving for over 100 PB of data – with costs 20x lower than existing public cloud services.

Simplified data protection with 3PAR management integration

RMC integration with 3PAR SSMC delivers end-to-end data protection managed through one simple console.

Flash-speed protection for Microsoft Exchange

HPE RMC 5.0 provides application owners with fast, efficient, simple, and reliable protection for Microsoft Exchange mailboxes.

Optimising Your Data Protection

HPE Ninja Protected+ Backup Assessment tools

Understand how your environment is really doing. Our free HPE Ninja Protected+ Backup Assessment helps you determine a data protection strategy.

Veeam Availability Solutions

Integrate Veeam Availability Solutions with flash-optimised HPE 3PAR StoreServ and HPE StoreVirtual Storage for comprehensive data and application availability – or couple with HPE StoreOnce Systems and HPE StoreEver Tape for data protection.

Data Protector

Leverage operational analytics to enable an optimised, tuned backup environment for today’s dynamic data-driven enterprise with Data Protector, the core protection engine for the Adaptive Backup and Recovery suite.

HPE StoreOnce Systems ranked as recommended in DCIG Buyer’s Guide

HPE StoreOnce Systems ranked as recommended in DCIG Buyer’s Guide
Find out which StoreOnce appliances ranked highest in the DCIG 2016-2017 Sub-100K Deduplicating Backup Appliance Buyer’s Guide.


Video : The value of flash-integrated and cloud-ready data protection

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Video | 1:30

Learn how flash storage-integrated and cloud-ready data protection lets you efficiently leverage the economics and agility of cloud backup and DR, while continuing to use your on-premises infrastructure for fast, reliable operational recovery.

Solution Brief : HPE Cloud Bank

Solution Brief | PDF

HPE Cloud Bank solution brief

Solution Brief : HPE RMC for Exchange

Solution Brief | PDF

HPE RMC for Exchange solution brief

Brochure : HPE 3PAR flash-integrated data protection

Brochure | PDF

HPE RMC brochure

Video : HPE NinjaProtected+ backup assessment

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HPE NinjaProtected+ Backup Assessment Video
Video | 5:11

A free, simple and complete health check for your backup environment.

Solution Brief : Protect your virtualised data

Solution Brief

Simple and affordable data protection for small and medium sized businesses.

Video : StoreOnce Systems to deal with data growth

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Video | 9:05

How to deal with data growth and deficient backup windows.

Video : StoreOnce and RMC for modern backup requirements

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Video | 6:24

Analyst video from ESG: How modern backup requirements and HPE StoreOnce interact.

Video : HPE 3PAR flash-integrated data protection to reduce risk

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HPE 3PAR Flash-Integrated Data Protection
Video | 6:50

Reduce risk in the all-flash data centre.

Brochure : Data Protection Playbook for All-Flash, Cloud-Ready Storage

Data Protection & Retention For All-flash Storage
Brochure | PDF | 1.30 MB

Learn why data protection and retention solutions integrated with an end-to-end flash storage strategy is critical in migrating to the All-Flash Datacentre.

Video : 1 + 1 = 3 When You Integrate 3PAR + StoreOnce with RMC

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Video | 5:41

Protecting business critical applications to meet service level expectations.

Blog Post : Around the Storage Block

Blog Post

The latest StoreOnce blogs.

1. Data Sheet, HPE StoreOnce 6600 System: HPE StoreOnce Catalyst delivers backup speeds of up to 184TB per hour – 2.7x faster than the closest competitor