HPE Complete

Your one-stop shop for validated HPE and third-party partner end-to-end infrastructure solutions.

Complement and fine tune your HPE solution

Purchase third-party products with proven interoperability and reliability for a complete, validated solution, all via one HPE purchase order.

Take the fear out of third-party purchases

Minimize risk, complexity, and cost

Purchase proven third-party products with the added reliability of HPE oversight. HPE Complete utilizes third-party expertise for installation, support, and warranty, but will facilitate third-party issue resolution when needed.

Build with confidence

HPE Complete Assured testing validates reliability and interoperability of HPE Complete third-party products with HPE storage, server, and networking solutions.

Multivendor, single order

Through strategic partnerships across the industry and technology investments, HPE Complete offers end-to-end solutions via one HPE purchase order.

Harness external innovation

Leverage tested end-to-end solutions for emerging apps and use cases that complement new solution areas through strategic partnerships across the industry and technology investments via the Pathfinder program.


Strategic partnerships that extend HPE solutions

The HPE Complete program brings partnerships and investments of transformative innovations to you, increasing the value of your HPE solutions.

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