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Intelligent storage that transforms your Hybrid IT data protection with greater simplicity, performance, and agility at lower cost than traditional solutions

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Simplify data protection for Hybrid IT environments

Reduce cost, risk, and complexity with a cloud ready data protection platform. HPE StoreOnce provides flash speed data center protection and low cost archive and disaster recovery in the cloud that can scale from small remote offices to the largest enterprises and service providers.

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Simplify operations

Simplify your cloud backup with a data protection solution that is built for the cloud and doesn’t need a separate gateway or virtual appliance. You’ll be able to seamlessly cloud-enable your backup and enterprise apps, natively integrate your choice of cloud, backup only unique data to the cloud for 20 times lower cloud storage costs1, and store encrypted, self-describing backup data for simple cloud disaster recovery.   

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Deliver on SLAs

Achieve industry-leading ingest performance. You can get 23 times faster backup and 15 times faster recovery2 for your enterprise apps with minimal impact on your production environment using direct backup from HPE 3PAR or Nimble to StoreOnce with HPE RMC. Control data growth and reduce your backup costs and footprint by 95%—guaranteed1—with intelligent deduplication.

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Protect your data your way

Enjoy worry-free data protection and capacity that grows with your business using consumption-based backup as a service on premises. You can deploy across cloud, virtual, and physical environments, ensure investment protection, and eliminate lock in with broad and deep integration across a rich ecosystem of ISV partners.

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Our latest innovations

HPE StoreOnce next-generation platform

Get flash performance at cloud scale with up to 10X more capacity and 3X faster backup3. Simplify operations with multi-system monitoring from a single pane of glass. Increase agility with flexible software defined protection.

Protect more data, faster, for less, with storage-integrated backup and copy data management for HPE 3PAR and Nimble Storage. Create and automate SLA policies with just a few clicks.

Commvault integration
Simplify cloud backup with Commvault support for HPE Cloud Bank Storage. Get faster and more efficient backup and disaster recovery with Commvault integration with StoreOnce source side deduplication and low bandwidth replication.

Optimizing Your Data Protection

Data protection assessment

Find out where you are today, and where StoreOnce can take you to tomorrow, with a free data protection assessment from HPE.

Get Protected

Data management with Commvault

Manage the protection of your data assets, regardless of where the data is located using an industry leading, service-centric data protection and data management solution tightly integrated and enhanced for HPE StoreOnce.

High availability with Veeam

Have fast, reliable image-based data protection for virtual environments. Achieve better data availability, streamlined IT operations, and reduced risk of data loss—all while earning an ROI up to 262%4 over five years.



分析报告 | application/pdf | 502 KB

This report discusses considerations and solutions for successful Cloud-based Data Protection


分析报告 | application/pdf | 214 KB

This report showcases the value of HPE Flash Storage Integrated Data Protection for 3PAR and Nimble Storage with RMC


分析报告 | application/pdf | 960 KB

This report examines key considerations for the customer journey to cloud storage and discusses how HPE’s built for cloud storage platforms are helping enterprises to maximize the potential of their cloud storage initiatives.


分析报告 | application/pdf | 1026 KB

Data protection is a topic of concern for IT managers as well as for a growing number of company executives and managers who rely on data in order to operate their businesses.

视频 : The value of flash-integrated and cloud-ready data protection

视频 | 1:30

Learn how flash storage-integrated and cloud-ready data protection lets you efficiently leverage the economics and agility of cloud backup and DR, while continuing to use your on-premises infrastructure for fast, reliable operational recovery.

视频 : Hidden costs of cloud for backup, disaster recovery and storage

视频 | 1:50

This video helps businesses understand the hidden costs of cloud for backup, disaster recovery and storage and explains why HPE Storage products including HPE StoreOnce are the most efficient solution.

视频 : Next generation HPE StoreOnce Chalk Talk

视频 | 6:00

Next generation HPE StoreOnce Chalk Talk - KQ3c_KsAjKU


宣传册 | application/pdf | 328 KB

Read about the backup-as-a-service and data protection solutions with HPE StoreOnce Systems, keeping your business secure, economical, and always-on in this brochure.


宣传册 | application/pdf | 1850 KB

Read about HPE data protection solutions for Microsoft Azure Stack and Microsoft Azure which delivers zero impact, flash speed protection while leveraging your existing backup application.


宣传册 | application/pdf | 4045 KB

Explore the data protection and copy data management solutions from HPE RMC and HPE StoreOnce Catalyst Plug-ins for Oracle, SAP HANA, and SQL Server in this brochure.


宣传册 | application/pdf | 385 KB

Learn about the HPE data protection solution that secures your data from ransomware attacks while ensuring fast restores and preventing downtime in this brochure.

宣传册 : 云就绪全闪存存储的数据保护策略

宣传册 | PDF | 1.30 MB


1 Assuming dedupe ratio of 20:1 as compared to a fully hydrated backup.

2 Based on HPE testing comparison between HPE Recovery Manager Central and traditional backup environments.

3 StoreOnce VSA 4.X versus StoreOnce VSA 3.X

The business value of high availability storage environments, HPE and Veeam Software, 2017