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RIOgaleão keeps passengers connected with upgraded technology

RIOgaleão wants to connect people in ways no other airport does. Its new data center and Wi-Fi infrastructure lets the airport communicate with individual passengers and deliver the specific information they need.

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Texmark Chemicals deploys IIoT at the edge

Texmark Chemicals built a Refinery of the Future leveraging the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and achieved better analytics, uninterrupted productivity, satisfied customers, and safer workers.

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软件 : IMC 标准软件


IMC 是全新构建的综合管理平台,支持故障、配置、计费、性能、安全 (FCAPS) 模型。该平台可提供专为网络基础设施综合管理设计的特性和功能。IMC 专为提供以下功能而生:• 支持卓越 IT 实践模型的 ITIL 运维中心 • 实现 IT 服务的端对端业务管理 • 通过支持分布式和分层系统架构以及其他操作系统和数据库支持,提供可扩展性 • 提供全套的资源、服务和用户管理 • 利用模块化设计实现传统单独管理工具的集成。IMC 还能助力企业扩充基础设施管理规模,同时无缝衔接全新技术。IMC 软件支持慧与和第三方设备管理,同时与 Microsoft® Windows® 和 Linux® 操作系统兼容。IMC 标准软件附带 50 台托管设备的初始许可证。可使用额外的节点许可证扩展节点限制。

文章 : Could Hewlett Packard Enterprise Be an IoT Sleeping Giant?


We haven't heard much from HPE on IoT. Does this mean they don't have a lot going on there? Hardly.

白皮书 : Modernize Your Networks to Digitize Your Business


Read Tech Target’s “Modernize Your Networks to Digitize Your Business” to learn more about the importance of real-time comprehensive network visibility, automation and speeding of network tasks and using insights to optimize structured workflow.

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