Reference Architectures for HPE Integrated Systems

HPE Reference Architectures and HPE Reference Configurations deliver complete, validated configurations for a wide range of scenarios.

The Right Designs for Your Environment

Reduce the complexities of planning, designing, and implementing infrastructure across a variety of workloads and infrastructure platforms. Speed deployment time with less risk using a repeatable, best practices reference to determine particular, optimized configurations. HPE RAs documenting fully tested and validated workload  architectures built on decades of HPE technical experience and ISV expertise.

Validated Configurations

When you’re intent on deploying applications efficiently you should be neither under nor overprovisioned. Look at your complete solution, not piecemeal hardware and software, to more quickly move your business goals forward.

HPE Reference Architectures and HPE Reference Configurations include complete configuration, sizing, bill-of-material and deployment details. We deliver tested recipes for success for cloud, client virtualizations, databases,Dev/Ops, collaboration and more—including validation of third party hardware and software.

HPE is committed to development of these references, with a program of unparalleled depth and breadth to cover the myriad infrastructure configurations customers are using today.

HPE Reference Architectures Include Validated Configurations

Featured Reference Architectures

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We have a complete library of HPE Reference Architectures and HPE Reference Configurations for you to explore on topics such as cloud, data management, client virtualization, big data, business continuity, collaboration, and security. All sortable, searchable and browsable.