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Sustainable digital transformation is the new IT goal

In today’s fast-paced hybrid cloud world, being at business speed means enabling IT complexity to match the speed of actions to the speed of opportunities. Deploy the right technology to respond quickly to market possibilities – design your sustainable digital transformation with expert IT consulting from HPE Services.

Chart your transformation path from start to outcome

You are moving hard and fast into the digital era. It’s a world which stretches from edge to cloud. You are seeking to transform capabilities and capitalize on what technologies can bring, and to do so at a pace to match your ambition.  It is likely you have several digital initiatives under way. Are you able to innovate and accelerate in a hybrid cloud world? Can you unlock insights for real-time action that opens new opportunities? Are you able to amaze customers and staff with interconnected edge experiences?

Redefine experiences at the edge

The digital enterprise will be able to intimately understand persona needs and offer personalized and enriched digital services to drive the desired outcome. If the persona is inside the organization, then your goal often centers around smarter workplaces and productivity in a distributed workforce. If the persona is external, such as a customer, citizen, or partner then driving enhanced engagement or digital revenues are likely your goals. The persona experience through digital channels has been the number one agenda for organizations looking to establish more resilient business models in recent times, and it remains the key differentiator for business success.

Gain insight and control through digitization

Digitization is mapping the physical world and putting it into a digital context. The insight and control agenda must resolve what inference can be made in real time at the edge versus what data is backhauled for deeper learning. The organization’s operating model will need to converge traditionally separate IT and OT domains. As IT steps up to provide solutions to digitize, connecting operational technology into an integrated operating model will be essential. Here also, the explosion of connected devices is forcing new security approaches such as zero trust, and adaptive security responses, to ensure the integrity and the reliability of the organization.

Engineer innovation

The innovation agenda is set to help engineering and development teams to create or build new digital products and services faster. Often strategically driven by the line of business, you seek an ability to scale and be agile, while creating the next wave of monetizable solutions. You are probably looking to build or deepen your cloud native platforms, connecting API driven capabilities to build new digital experiences. The agility and speed of a cloud-enabled service delivery model is key to unlocking the pace of the engineering agenda.

Modernize IT to cloud platforms

In your modernization agenda applications and data are being modernized and moved across a hybrid technology platform landscape, architected for a cloud service delivery model. A cloud-first strategy has given way to a cloud-everywhere capability as the strategic ambition of IT organizations around the world. And rather than a hyper centralized strategy the platform agenda sees organizations increasingly deploying infrastructure and platform services at the edge to unlock new digital experiences.

Consulting services from edge to cloud

Hybrid Cloud consulting and Sustainable IT services

Accelerate your journey to Hybrid Cloud with the application and infrastructure experts behind the world’s most advanced Hybrid Cloud initiatives.

HPE Application Modernization Services

Modernize with confidence by identifying the right technology mix and with the guide you need to migrate from Mainframe or Unix to modern cloud solutions.

Modernized IT platforms

Modernize data center technologies and evolve your IT operating model for greater efficiency with hybrid IT, SAP HANA, and Microsoft Azure Stack.

AI and data services

Artificial intelligence and blockchain services help accelerate successful innovation using advanced analytics and a simplified big data foundation.

Security and protection services

Services for enterprise security and adaptive protection that fortify your data's confidentiality, integrity, and availability in hybrid IT and at the edge.

HPE Cloud Native Computing Services

Take advantage of deploying and managing applications that can run anywhere. Automate with DevOps, DevSecOps, Kubernetes or other cloud native technologies with HPE Services.

HPE Networking Services

Redefine experiences for customers and employees, and harness the intelligent edge.

Education and management of change

Propel your people to exceptional levels of performance.

SAP services

Expertise, infrastructure, and services that power SAP HANA solutions.

Mainframe alternative migration services

Rely on HPE expertise for complete end-to-end mainframe migration solutions to the hybrid cloud platforms.

Sustainable data center facilities services

Deliver hybrid infrastructure-ready data centers as an integrated aspect of IT strategy.

HPE Data Center Modernization Services

Deliver hybrid infrastructure-ready data centers as an integrated aspect of a sustainable IT strategy.

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