HPE advances its intelligent data strategy



  • At Discover 2019, HPE announced new innovations that expands its Intelligent Data Platform to solve major challenges for customers and drive new levels of enterprise agility

    • HPE Primera, the world’s most intelligent storage for mission-critical apps

    • HPE Nimble Storage dHCI, a disaggregated hyperconverged infrastructure platform

    • Introducting HPE SimpliVity as the first hyperconverged infrastructure solution to include HPE InfoSight

Innovations across the entire HPE storage portfolio enable customers to gain more insights from their data and catapult their business forward

We live in a time of unprecedented opportunity where digital strategies and new applications can transform every organization. As data enables these strategies to come to life, a lot is expected –fast and reliable performance and always-on applications, for starters. But as infrastructure stretches on-premise and across hybrid clouds, it is more complex than ever before – more unknowns, more risks, more concerns with building the right data strategy to unlock its value and accelerate transformation.

In nearly every aspect of our lives we find evidence of the dawning of an intelligence era where unknowns, risks, and concerns are being overcome with artificial intelligence. Ten years ago, we drove to work following the same path we had followed every day before, with no understanding of the roads, bottlenecks, or accidents beyond our immediate visibility. Now, we happily rely on the intelligence built into Waze and Google Maps that tell us in real-time what roads we should take, what diversions we should make, and how to optimize our commute to get to our destination faster.

Intelligence changes everything.

Global Intelligence Powered by HPE InfoSight

HPE has this global intelligence – it’s called HPE InfoSight. It’s the industry’s most advanced AI for infrastructure. HPE InfoSight sees beyond the limitations of humans with predictive insights across the data lifecycle for self-healing, self-managing, and self-optimizing infrastructure.

HPE InfoSight starts by collecting millions of sensors every second; advanced machine learning in the cloud then analyzes the telemetry to identify irregular patterns in workloads and applications; predictive analytics automatically predicts and prevents problems; and wasted time and headaches due to disruptions and manual tuning come to an end.

Accelerating Transformation with the Intelligent Data Platform

HPE InfoSight underpins our Intelligent Data Platform, a platform built upon workload-optimized systems for primary storage, secondary storage, big data/AI and cloud data services that extends to the public cloud with native data mobility and a unified experience.

The Intelligent Data Platform from HPE accelerates applications, helps IT embrace hybrid cloud, empowers data scientists and developers, and simplifies everything. It answers the unknowns and overcomes the challenges far too complex for humans to solve. Data needs to be always-on, always-fast, automated and on-demand, and hybrid cloud by design and our Intelligent Data Platform delivers this for every enterprise, unlocks data’s potential and accelerates transformation.

Expanding the Intelligent Data Platform

At Discover 2019, I am excited to announce new innovations that expands our Intelligent Data Platform to solve major challenges for our customers and drive new levels of enterprise agility.

HPE Primera, mission-critical redefined

As enterprises become increasingly digital, new storage capabilities are required for mission-critical apps. While traditional high-end storage delivers extreme resiliency and performance, it also holds enterprises back with extreme complexity and administration. But that changes today – as today businesses will be able to accelerate everything with HPE Primera, the world’s most intelligent storage for mission-critical apps.

HPE Primera delivers the extreme resiliency and performance needed for the most demanding apps, but with the simplicity of the cloud. Enterprises no longer have to sacrifice cloud agility for high-end resiliency. HPE Primera radically transforms how high-end storage is deployed, managed, and upgraded – delivering an on-demand experience for instant app access and consumable as-a-service; app-aware resiliency that sees beyond storage with predictive analytics and backed with a 100% availability guarantee; and predictive acceleration with embedded AI for ultra-fast performance at scale for every mission critical app of today and tomorrow.

HPE Nimble Storage dHCI, simplicity of HCI with the flexibility of converged.

Our Intelligent Data Platform goes beyond the storage layer to deliver the cloud experience on-premise. As IT struggles to scale its operations to meet growing needs, hyperconverged infrastructure delivers the freedom to innovate – on an architecture that is ideal for workloads with predictable growth, scaling compute and storage together. And IDC has shown that HPE SimpliVity enables a 91% increase in time available to focus on apps and new projects. Now, enterprises are asking for the hyperconverged experience extended to workloads with unpredictable growth. So, I’m excited to introduce HPE Nimble Storage dHCI, an intelligent platform with the flexibility of converged and the simplicity of HCI. 

Extending HPE InfoSight to HPE SimpliVity

HPE SimpliVity is a market-leading HCI platform for data center virtualization and edge workloads. Today we are excited to announce HPE SimpliVity as the first HCI solution to include HPE InfoSight.

HPE InfoSight leverages the power of predictive analytics and machine learning. These capabilities now provide HPE SimpliVity customers with system details for previous capacity consumption, trends, and forecasts to predict when additional hyperconverged nodes will be required. Data protection analytics analyze consumption patterns to identify when backup resources may be at capacity risk, and predictive wellness alerts alleviate common support issues that impact service. These innovative features save customers time and reduce costs.

Industry’s First True Hybrid Cloud for Containers

Building on the HPE Validated Designs that were announced in April 2019, HPE and Google Cloud are unveiling a collaboration to deliver a true hybrid cloud for containers – with choice for as-a-Service delivery through HPE GreenLake. In addition, HPE will offer advisory and professional services to accelerate hybrid cloud adoption.

The true hybrid cloud solution features Google Cloud’s Anthos in combination with HPE’s on-premises infrastructure, HPE Cloud Data Services, and HPE GreenLake. The combined offering brings together Google Cloud’s Anthos with HPE ProLiant and HPE Nimble Storage on-premises. And, coming in Q3FY19, HPE Cloud Volumes to provide a storage service for Google Cloud Platform and other public clouds. HPE plans to offer HPE GreenLake for Google Cloud’s Anthos to provide the entire hybrid cloud, as-a-Service.

This true hybrid cloud solution brings unique value to IT with bi-directional data and application workload mobility, multi-cloud flexibility, unified hybrid management, and the choice to consume the hybrid cloud as-a-Service. True hybrid cloud enables key use cases including modernizing applications into container-based deployments, empowering developers to develop in the cloud with the flexibility to deploy the application on-premises, protecting to the cloud and recovering in the cloud, and delivering the flexibility to run applications in multiple clouds. 

HPE and BlueData Make AI Real

Like cloud, AI is another strategic topic in every boardroom. Businesses are recognizing that AI can be a game changer, and are seeking to harness this power. But, there is a gap between AI as a concept, and figuring out where to apply and implement it. In fact, stitching together the infrastructure and tools for an AI pipeline and scaling it can take months.

At HPE, we are making AI real by offering advisory and professional services, rooted in real-world AI projects and expertise. And, BlueData is empowering data scientists and data analysts to shrink time to deriving insights from months to minutes. BlueData is like a hypervisor for containers - it runs on containers and orchestrates everything. BlueData taps into existing data pools without requiring new data silos to be created, and virtualizes GPUs to enable GPU-as-a-Service, unlocking greater value from precious assets. Announced in May 2019, Blue Data is also available with HPE Apollo systems for an ultra-dense and scale-out performance foundation, and also runs on third party hardware and natively in the public cloud. Ultimately, this is the magic of BlueData, and it’s driving amazing results in helping HPE customers to make AI real and transform their businesses.

Welcome to the Intelligence Era

For our customers, we thank you for your partnership and are excited to introduce these new innovations to your organization.  For those who haven’t experienced the Intelligent Data Platform yet and are looking for automation and intelligence that overcomes complexity and accelerates transformation, I welcome you to HPE.


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