Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Accelerate your business with a simplified hybrid cloud environment for building, deploying, and managing your clouds while optimizing productivity.

Harness the benefits of private and public clouds

With cloud, it’s never been easier—or faster—to deploy applications. Without cross-cloud visibility to manage hybrid cloud resources and applications, the result may be unpredictable spending and inefficiency that thwarts productivity and agility.

Simplify your hybrid cloud environment

Reduce complexity, gain cost control, improve productivity, and drive agility. HPE has a portfolio of hybrid cloud solutions for building, deploying, and managing hybrid cloud environments.

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End-to-end agility

Eliminate unnecessary friction to speed up time-to-value and optimize productivity.

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Cloud-like experience on-premises

Deliver a consistent experience across all your clouds.

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Consumption-based IT

Scale up resources on demand with access to expertise and pay-per-use outcomes.

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Play video: HPE OneSphere and HudsonAlpha: Empowering Genomic Research

Digital transformation powers genomics research

HudsonAlpha chose HPE OneSphere to consolidate the management of its cloud platforms, enabling IT admins to centralize resource allocation and regain efficiency.

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Valuable insights about HPE OneSphere

Optio Data was one of the first customers to implement HPE OneSphere. Listen to the evaluators discuss their first impressions and how they think other customers can benefit.

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Veon offers solutions its customers can trust

Global telecom Veon uses an HPE-backed global community to easily find and offer the right local cloud services to its worldwide customers.

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  • “Our computational work is data intensive and constantly growing. With the HPE OneSphere analytics dashboard, we get a clear view of all our clouds and infrastructure. We see how resources are being used which enables our IT organization to best support and enable genomic research and campus operations with an efficient and unified hybrid cloud.”

    KATREENA MULLICAN, Senior Architect and Cloud Whisperer, HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology

See HPE OneSphere in action

See HPE OneSphere in action
Join us for a live demo of a hybrid cloud management solution that enables seamless deployment, operation, and optimization of hybrid cloud environments and applications.

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