Composable Infrastructure

Empower IT to create and deliver value instantly, continuously, and at the speed and flexibility of cloud – within your own secure data centre.

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A hybrid IT engine for your digital transformation

Succeeding in the idea economy requires IT to evolve from a provider of basic business support into an engine of value creation. Composable infrastructure in a hybrid environment empowers IT to create and deliver new value instantly and continuously, accelerating both digital and business transformation.

Supporting traditional and new applications

IT needs to meet the demands of the idea economy while supporting traditional applications. Maintaining two separate environments isn’t sustainable due to increased complexity and cost. With a single hybrid infrastructure that bridges the two operating models, you can use traditional apps to support existing business processes while driving revenue and customer experiences with new apps and services that leverage mobility, big data, and cloud-native technologies.


lower hardware and maintenance costs1


faster delivery of compute resources1


less server-related help desk work1

Software-defined, composable infrastructure

Composable infrastructure is a new approach to architecture that allows you to deploy IT resources quickly and for any workload using software-defined infrastructure. It combines this software-defined intelligence with a unified API that incorporates powerful tools from the HPE partner ecosystem.

Reduce Capex and overprovisioning

Optimise all apps and service levels, reduce Capex, and free up resources using a single infrastructure with fluid resource pools of physical and virtual compute, storage, and fabric.

Deploy at cloud-like speed

Accelerate application and service delivery through a single interface that precisely composes infrastructure at near-instant speeds.

Simplify lifecycle operations

Reduce operational effort and cost with template-driven, frictionless operations.

Develop more apps faster

Increase productivity and control across the data centre by integrating and automating infrastructure operations and applications through a unified API.

How composable infrastructure works

Discover how composable infrastructure propels your business forward with this special edition of the popular For Dummies® series. You'll learn how to identify the serious IT challenges businesses face today, use composable infrastructure to create and deliver new value, and apply idea economy principles to your infrastructure environment.

Fluid resource pools

Flexible resource pools of compute, storage, and fabric eliminate over-provisioning and stranded capacity. Resources are always available and can be instantly configured for any workload.

Software-defined intelligence

Software-defined intelligence enables high-level, automated operations, reducing complexity and manual tasks. Resources can be managed as a unit and dynamically allocated to meet the needs of any application.

Unified API

A unified API provides full programmability, so you can provision bare metal infrastructure with a single line of code, increasing operational efficiency and rapid deployment of IT resources.

Success in action

Composable infrastructure helps organisations across diverse verticals and geographical locations solve their IT challenges and meet their business needs.

Bechtle slashes server deployment times

Bechtle Hosting and Operations wanted to upgrade its customer offering and streamline its internal platform management and provisioning. Automated processes and composable computing helped Bechtle to reduce provisioning from nine hours to 55 minutes and enable self-service VM deployment.

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Moving at speed to take care of those in need

Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System chose HPE Synergy and HPE OneView support its launch of a VDI environment and migration to a new EMR system, providing faster access for clinicians.
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Simplifying IT infrastructure management

Service provider LayerX Group uses HPE Synergy and HPE OneView to enable its vGRID public cloud automation suite while controlling costs and speeding deployments.
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Composable infrastructure speeds application delivery

Companies everywhere are gaining efficiency and control, and deploying IT resources faster using a single interface that lets them fluidly compose IT into any configuration. And they are happy to tell you about it.

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New hybrid IT strategy insights

Forrester Consulting’s study found that composable infrastructure can fuel breakthroughs for business, and offers four key recommendations.

Composable infrastructure ecosystem

As an ISV or developer, you can programmatically control composable infrastructure through a unified API that is native to HPE OneView. Get the most out of your composable infrastructure with validated HPE OneView integrations from ISV partners.

Software-defined solutions

Gain efficiency and control with software-defined solutions that let you manage all your infrastructure as code, using powerful software to quickly deploy IT resources for any workload.

IT infrastructure management

Deploy infrastructure faster, simplify lifecycle operations, and improve productivity with an innovative approach to infrastructure management based on software-defined intelligence.

Hybrid IT management

Provide on-demand allocation of resources, operating environments, and applications across all of IT with a unified architecture and a new approach to hybrid IT management.

Digital transformation services

Get IT services to accelerate your digital transformation so you can create new customer experiences, optimise core business operations, and deliver new products and services.

The world’s first composable infrastructure platform

Built from the ground up for composable infrastructure, HPE Synergy empowers IT to create and deliver new value instantly and continuously, achieving real savings and simplifying hybrid IT management. HPE Synergy is a single infrastructure that reduces operational complexity for traditional workloads and increases operational velocity for the new breed of applications and services.

Connect with a software-defined specialist

Our experts will answer your questions and help you start the process of transforming to a composable infrastructure.


Analyst Report : Quantifying data centre inefficiency: Making the case for composable infrastructure

Quantifying Data Centre Inefficiency: Making the Case for Composable Infrastructure
Analyst Report | PDF | 931 KB

Nearly all datacentres in enterprise IT have some inefficiencies. See how solutions like HPE Synergy can help you optimise your IT operations so your business can thrive in the idea economy.

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Composable Infrastructure for New Data Center Technology Practices

Composable Infrastructure for New Data Center Technology Practices

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Transform to Hybrid IT with Composable Infrastructure
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In an IT era of unprecedented opportunity – and risk – HPE Composable Infrastructure bridges traditional IT and the Idea Economy to meet the new demands.

FAQ : What is composable infrastructure?


What is composable infrastructure?

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Preparing your data center for business disruptors with the right infrastructure

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Provision IT the way you want it, when you want it, through a platform that automates operations. That's Composable Infrastructure Learn how it represents a key competitive advantage for companies that want to succeed in the Idea Economy.

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Align your on-premises infrastructure with your DevOps team operation to enable agility in bringing new apps and IT services to market.

Brochure : Unlock value and accelerate success with composable infrastructure


Unlock value and accelerate success with composable infrastructure

Video : Composable infrastructure innovation from Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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Video | 1:38

Composable infrastructure innovation from Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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Community : Read the latest news and get answers on composable infrastructure


Read the latest news and get answers on composable infrastructure

1 "IDC ExpertROI® SPOTLIGHT: HudsonAlpha Maximising the Impact of Its Genomics Research with HPE Synergy", IDC, June 2017