Servers and Server Systems

Software-defined, cloud-enabled enterprise servers and systems that help you operate at business speed.

The foundation for a software-defined data centre

HPE OneView

Transform servers, storage, and networking into software-defined infrastructure to eliminate complex manual processes, spur IT collaboration, and increase the speed and flexibility of IT service delivery. HPE OneView takes a software-defined, programmatic approach to managing infrastructure with efficient workflow automation, a modern dashboard and a comprehensive partner ecosystem.

Deliver 2P performance at 1P economics

Meet the HPE ProLiant DL325 – a single-socket, AMD EPYC-based server that provides an exceptional balance of processor, memory and I/O for virtualisation and data-intensive workloads.

Empower the real-time enterprise with SAP HANA

Migrate successfully to a real-time enterprise with a proven partner for delivering all that SAP HANA offers.

Run any workload on one infrastructure

Speed application delivery with composable, software-defined HPE Synergy infrastructure.

Explore HPE Gen 10 servers – available now

Learn more about how the new portfolio of HPE Gen10 servers can help you thrive in alignment with your unique business needs.

Verified applications with server partners

When you depend on software applications specific to your business, knowing those apps have been tested on your HPE server platform is important. Our HPE Server Partner Program provides quick visibility into the variety of server-based apps verified on HPE hardware.


White Paper : Learn about the HPE Server Partner Programme geared for Independent software vendors (ISVs)

White Paper

Learn about the HPE Server Partner Programme geared for Independent software vendors (ISVs)

Video : Compute: A shift in thinking

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Learn how to accelerate service delivery at the right economics.

White Paper : Moor insights: Hybrid IT helps businesses navigate through digital transformation

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Prepare your digital transformation journey with Hybrid IT solutions that provide it security, compliance and performance control with on-premises and cloud solutions.

White Paper : Moor insights: HPE locks down server security

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Reduce the cost of compliance failures and protect your IT hardware with HPE server security features for firmware protection, detection and recovery capabilities.

Video : Introducing the World’s Most Secure Industry Standard Servers

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Introducing the World’s Most Secure Industry Standard Servers

Presentation : Test your infrastructure-security IQ quiz

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IT security has always been a moving target. Threats escalate, often on an hourly basis. New attacks and vulnerabilities are discovered daily. Most enterprises believe they have a handle on the security challenges they face, but that confidence is very often misplaced. Based on your answers to the questions, we’ll provide a quick assessment of your IT security profile.

1. HPE makes its own custom iLO server management silicon chipset for their Industry Standard Servers, which allows them to connect the firmware to the silicon.

Detection of Compromised Firmware Code by the “always on Protection” and unique ability to recover to a known good state of authentic, malware free firmware.

Unique Data Encryption at scale through our smart array controller cards.

HPE is the only industry standard server manufacturer to provide customers NIST 800-53 security controls on our full solution set of servers, networking, storage, software, and operating systems.