From battlespace to office space, solutions that help our armed forces be more effective and efficient

The requirement for fast, accurate and usable information is vital in the defence sector. It can provide the necessary tactical or strategic advantage required to win. Providing pertinent information to the commander or manager, soldier or assistant is HPE’s mission. It enables that person to act and fulfill their task effectively. HPE is integral to the UK Defence sector and provides the services, technology and advice to enable NATO and coalition information sharing across the world quickly and securely, at all levels.

A partnership built on 40 years of mutual respect

HPE has supplied solutions and systems to the MOD for the last 40 years, and our Defence team in the UK comprises people who really understand the needs of their customer. Many of our team are ex-military, others work on military bases throughout the UK and some are deployed on operations in direct support of the Armed Forces. In addition to providing the technology, essential to the preparation and deployment of frontline troops, HPE works side by side with our Armed Forces to devise and establish new IT services. We’re dedicated to delivering agile and standardized services that meet a diverse range of IT challenges and built to satisfy government security standards. With a proven track record, HPE supports the MOD in delivering business and military information capability to enhance operations and we deliver economies of scale.


Blog Post : HPE Helps Atlas Consortium Maintain Business as Usual for Royal Navy During Vessel Refits

HPE Helps Atlas Consortium Maintain Business as Usual for Royal Navy During Vessel Refits
Blog Post

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