HPE ConvergedSystem

Compute, storage, networking and software as one, optimised for virtualisation and a variety of workloads.


Converged Efficiency Built In

HPE ConvergedSystem gives you lower cost of ownership and greater flexibility to meet more business demands. Eliminate the inefficiencies and inflexibility of one-silo-at-a-time infrastructure with software-defined agility and automation.

Deploy pre-validated, factory-tested configurations in weeks instead of months. Set up IT services in minutes, not hours. Integrated, workload-optimised systems eliminate infrastructure silos for improved efficiency, simplicity and speed.

Pre-packaged Power of One

HPE ConvergedSystem integrates compute, storage and networking resources. Moving to a converged infrastructure ties virtualisation, automation and unified infrastructure management software together into pre-built, tested and workload-optimised systems. These systems are software-defined for easy integration into existing infrastructure and quick transition to hybrid cloud delivery models.

Smaller, Faster, Hyperconverged

With HPE Hyper Converged systems you can deploy VMs in 5 clicks and add capacity in minutes.

Convergence by the Numbers

HPE ConvergedSystem 700 makes your infrastructure faster, simpler and more efficient.


Less Server Configuration Time¹


Fewer Management Tools²


Reduction in Staffing Costs Versus the Competition³


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CIOs and business executives are at the forefront of a transformation leveraging the competitive advantages of the new hyper-connected enterprise.

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Bring networking, storage, servers and security silos come together into a simply-managed, business-oriented data centre.

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Explore HPE Converged Data Centre Infrastructure. Network, storage, servers and security merge seamlessly into a simple business-oriented data centre.

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The future data centre will be a catalyst to align business goals with the IT organisation. This ESG video describes the future data centre.

FAQ : What is Converged Infrastructure

What is Converged Infrastructure

What is Converged Infrastructure