Data Deduplication

What is Data Deduplication?

Data deduplication is a technique that minimizes the space required to store data. It is designed to help organizations address the issue of duplicate data. Whether a company accumulates multiple copies of the same exact file or multiple files containing the same data, deduplication replaces extra copies of data with metadata that simply points back to the original.

How does deduplication work?

There are two primary deduplication methods: inline and post-processing deduplication. They are intended for different types of backup environments.

Inline deduplication analyzes data in a backup system. Redundancies are identified and removed as the data is written to the backup storage. This requires less backup storage but can result in a bottleneck, so it is recommended to turn off data deduplication tools during high-performance primary storage functions.

Post-processing deduplication removes redundant data after it is written to storage. Duplicate data is identified, removed, and replaced with a pointer to the first iteration of the data block. The post-processing approach allows users to deduplicate specific workloads and quickly recover the most recent backup.

Post-processing deduplication requires more storage capacity than inline deduplication.

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Why do we need data deduplication?

Data deduplication helps IT departments reduce not only storage space requirements, but also the costs associated with duplicated data. Large datasets often have lots of duplication, increasing storage costs. The space savings gained from data deduplication depends on the dataset or workload on the volume. Datasets with high duplication could achieve optimization rates of up to 95%.

Data duplication also helps reduce the amount of bandwidth wasted on transferring data to and from remote storage locations. And the ability to effectively manage storage resources can make all the difference to your backup capabilities:

· Efficient storage allocation

· Cost savings

· Network optimization

· Data center efficiency

· Fast recovery and continuity

HPE and data deduplication

Not all backup solutions approach deduplication in the same manner. Get to know your infrastructure and individual backup requirements. HPE can help you take the guesswork out of data optimization with a hybrid solution that balances the advantages of both backup- and target-focused data deduplication across your entire IT environment. Find out more about HPE InfoSight and how it can help your organization gain a cloud operational experience in managing apps and data from edge to cloud with the industry’s most advanced AI for infrastructure, ensuring that your environment is always on, always fast, and always agile.