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ESG Report: Why automation and AI are critical for IT Ops
ESG Report: Why automation and AI are critical for IT Ops
Four steps you should take now to ensure a successful digital transformation using automation and artificial intelligence to combat complexity and regain control, drive operational efficiency and optimise resources.
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Transform IT operations through IT automation and AIOPS

Deliver a cloud experience on-premises, built on advanced intelligent IT automation to accelerate deployments and simplify lifecycle management, increasing predictable performance and freeing up staff time.

What is IT Automation?

IT Automation is key to driving efficiency and optimization in a modern, dynamic IT environment to accelerate digital transformation.  Using software to create policies and processes that reduce or replace manual interaction with IT systems is referred to as IT automation or infrastructure automation.

From a technical standpoint, HPE OneView infrastructure automation enables IT to easily provision and manage infrastructure using software-defined templates and APIs and to define and automate infrastructure configuration and lifecycle operations. The results are streamlined administrative and operational tasks. By automating manual processes, IT operations regains its desired levels of productivity and strategic involvement, enabling it to shift from being perceived as a business inhibitor to being a strategic enabler.

What is AI Ops?

AIOps is artificial intelligence for infrastructure that automates IT operations by using machine learning to manage, modernize, and optimize the IT environment. HPE InfoSight, the industry’s leading cloud-based predictive analytics platform, harnesses the collective intelligence of tens of thousands of systems deployed across thousands of organizations to provide an unmatched, real-time support experience.

HPE InfoSight AI-enabled automation delivers greater insights and proactive management, making systems smarter, more reliable and more efficient to enable your organization to deliver business innovation.

Accelerate IT operations with automation and AIOPS

Transform management of everything in your environment with integrated infrastructure automation software and the industry’s most advanced AIOps to simplify lifecycle management across compute, storage, and networking.

Simplify and automate IT infrastructure management

Easily provision and manage physical infrastructure using templates and APIs to automate infrastructure configuration and lifecycle operations using software-defined infrastructure management.  HPE OneView automation streamlines operational tasks, improves staff productivity while lowering costs, and increases the pace of introducing new technologies.


Self-managing, self-healing, self-optimizing IT operations

Manage and digitally transform your infrastructure, and solve your most challenging problems by using cloud-based predictive analytics for your IT operations. The intelligence of HPE InfoSight delivers AI-powered autonomous operations across the data center that helps ensure your environment is always-on, always-fast, and always-agile.

Expertise to accelerate your automation journey

Access expertise at every step of your IT journey with HPE Pointnext Services. Professional and Operational Services help speed up time-to-production and keep your IT stable and reliable.

IT Automation and AI-Driven automation

Transform and streamline IT management with automated and AI-driven solutions.