HPE Compute

Accelerate innovation from edge to cloud with workload-optimized compute for today’s data-first, hybrid world.

HPE fuels business transformation with new AI and hybrid cloud solutions

Announcing full-stack AI-native architecture that accelerates development and deployment of AI models.

Streamline and modernize your multi-gen IT

A transformed and modern private cloud experience with secure, automated, flexible, scalable pay-as-you-go private cloud for traditional, cloud-native workloads, containers, VMs and bare metal.Reserve%20capacity%20may%20apply

Get security confident

Consistent insight into the health and operation of your servers with the latest innovations in simplified operations, performance and security initiated in the supply chain and rooted in the silicon. 

Seamlessly monitor and manage global compute environment

Simplify and automate compute management with a cloud operating experience enabling IT to easily monitor, manage and update servers remotely through a self-service console—anywhere, anytime.

Unlock more value from your data

Workload optimized solutions streamline processes, improve application performance and provide the best compute solutions to deliver the best outcomes for your workloads.

Compute solutions across edge to cloud

Connect your edge

Accelerate workloads at the edge while protecting your data with intrinsic security through a proven zero-trust approach. 

Turn your data into intelligence

Uncover more intelligence from your data by streamlining operations with a unified, simple user experience and operating model.

Create your hybrid cloud

Create a private cloud experience that provides insights to justify investments, track buying trends, and manage supply chains.

Secure your data

Trusted security by design provides a fundamental approach that lets you deploy with confidence with peace of mind against threats.

Featured compute products

HPE ProLiant Servers

Compute engineered for your hybrid world. Unlock more value from your data and accelerate AI outcomes that deliver insights and innovation.

HPE GreenLake for Compute Ops Management

Seamlessly monitor, manage and gain visibility of your distributed compute environment.

HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud Enterprise

Streamline and modernize across your multi-gen IT with a fully managed cloud experience for bare metal, containers, and VMs in your private environment.

HPE Integrated Lights Out (iLO)

Securely configure, monitor, and update your HPE ProLiant servers seamlessly, from anywhere in the world.

HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud Business Edition

Build a self-service, self-managed private cloud on demand wherever you need it with a unified interface to simplify VM to infrastructure management.

Additional compute portfolio

HPE Synergy

A composable bladed infrastructure that powers any workload within a hybrid cloud environment.

HPE OneView

Integrated IT infrastructure management software that automates IT operations, HPE OneView simplifies infrastructure lifecycle management across compute, storage, and networking.

HPE Superdome Flex Servers

Modular compute platforms that power critical applications, accelerate analytics, and tackle high performance computing and AI workloads holistically.

HPE Edgeline Systems

Converged OT and enterprise-class IT in a single, ruggedized system that implements data center-level compute and management technology at the Edge.

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