HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack

An integrated Microsoft Azure hybrid cloud that incorporates compute, storage and networking, enabling you to run Azure services on-premises, for your clients or yourself.

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Extend your Azure investment into the data centre

Increase agility, enhance innovation, and control costs with the right mix of private and public cloud to handle all your workloads. HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack is a hybrid cloud solution that allows organisations to run Azure-consistent services in the data centre, providing a cohesive and simplified development, management, and security experience.

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Simplicity, expertise and affordability

A flexible, cost-effective solution is critical to successfully implementing an Azure hybrid cloud. Discover the five key reasons you should choose HPE for your Microsoft Azure Stack solution.

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Enterprise benefits of an Azure hybrid cloud

HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack enables enterprises to capture the full benefits of a hybrid cloud environment.

Azure Stack Can Boost Your Speed and Agility

Maximise agility

Reduce unnecessary repetition and rapidly provision and scale services with the same self-service experience as Azure.

Simplify Your IT Management with Azure Stack

Simplify IT implementation and management

Simplify your IT implementation by using the same management and automation services you use with Azure public cloud across your entire Azure Stack environment.

Azure Hybrid Cloud Solutions Can Help Reduce IT Costs

Reduce costs

Embrace the financial flexibility of hybrid IT to minimise infrastructure expenditures and reduce operational costs.

Enterprise use cases

Data sovereignty, security, and compliance

Adhere to security policies and regulations for data sovereignty while enjoying the flexibility of the Azure cloud.

Superior performance

Get the performance you expect from your own hardware in your own data centre, while maintaining a cloud-like ability to scale and adapt.

Edge computing and disconnected apps

Deploy applications in your preferred locations using an HPE Azure private cloud.

Modern application development

Develop using agile methodologies, DevOps, and continuous integration with a choice of deployment options for your dev environments.

Azure hybrid cloud for service providers

HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack enables service providers to offer clients a truly differentiated, best-in-class Azure hybrid cloud experience.

Automate Your Infrastructure with Azure Hybrid Cloud

Increase productivity with automation

Efficiently and affordably deliver hybrid cloud services with powerful infrastructure automation for managing compute, storage, and networking components.

Perform to the Highest Standards with Azure Stack

Meet and exceed client requirements

Configure client solutions to meet application requirements by selecting processor, memory, and storage options that fit client workloads.

Use an Azure Hybrid Cloud to Support Global Accounts

Confidently support global accounts

Take advantage of global enterprise-class support, remote monitoring and management, and single point of support.

Service provider use cases

Become a managed hybrid cloud provider

Expand your service offerings and grow your accounts by becoming a managed service provider for hybrid cloud.

Offer remote managed Azure services

Help clients operate their IT more productively by remotely managing their cloud and on-premises Azure services.

Deliver IaaS, PaaS, and IoT services

Increase your revenue potential by adapting the Azure hybrid cloud to deliver IaaS, PaaS, and IoT services.

Meet compliance regulations

Enable clients to benefit from the agility and economics of cloud while complying with data sovereignty and privacy regulations.

Data centre specialist manages Microsoft Azure Stack implementation

Meet HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack

HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack is a single integrated solution based on the powerful HPE ProLiant DL380 server.

Optimise your results

Get the most out of your Azure hybrid cloud with proven management solutions and expert consulting and support services.

Hybrid IT operations management

Hybrid IT operations management

Automated IT monitoring, event management, and analytics for hybrid IT

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Consulting and implementation services

Consulting and implementation services

Expert Azure hybrid cloud consulting services to help you choose the right mix to meet your organisation’s objectives for IaaS and hybrid IT

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Financing and flexible capacity services

Financing and flexible capacity services

Services to help you finance and provision the flexible, modern IT environment you need to stay innovative and efficient

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Operational and data centre services

Operational and data centre services

End-to-end, on- and off-premises support services for your Azure operational needs in a truly hybrid IT configuration

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Success in action

HPE helps organisations across diverse verticals and geographical locations solve their IT challenges and successfully manage their hybrid IT infrastructure.

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Video: SHI deploys a true hybrid cloud solution

SHI deploys a true hybrid cloud solution

See how IT solutions provider SHI partners with HPE to deliver the convenience of Azure public cloud with security, performance and control for customer data centres.

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Rackspace developers use HPE's Azure hybrid cloud solution

IT services provider helps customers transform quickly

See how HIAG Data delivers a hybrid cloud platform to its customers to help them build out new applications quickly and migrate traditional workloads to the cloud.

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Video: HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack security and performance

Customers enable hybrid IT with Microsoft Azure

See why customers are happy running Microsoft Azure in the data centre, and why one thinks it's the biggest change in the history of IT.

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HPE Proliant for Microsoft Azure Stack customer logos
HPE Proliant for Microsoft Azure Stack customer logos
HPE Proliant for Microsoft Azure Stack customer logos

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