Experience IoT Innovation Lab

IoT Innovation Labs offer hands-on environments and real world examples where you can discover the business value of our comprehensive enterprise IoT portfolio. The labs provide a venue to collaborate with advanced HPE IoT technology solutions, learn about our direction and key strategies, and build business relationships. Discover how HPE can deliver targeted IoT business solutions to best meet your unique needs.

Demonstrating industrial IoT

The labs include immersive Edge Experience Zones that enable you to interact with “things” in their natural settings. We demonstrate practical IoT use cases for industries such as O&G, manufacturing, engineering, healthcare, retail, Smart City and more.

In addition, the labs provide the perfect proof of concept environment to test our newest IoT technologies with your software and test data. Benchmark applications and experiment securely and confidentially across many use cases.

Worldwide access

You have three HPE IoT Innovation Labs to choose from globally: Houston, Texas; Geneva, Switzerland; Singapore. All are equipped with the devices and connectivity that enable an innovative experience. You can also have remote access to the labs through a secure VPN. You can test and benchmark applications and use cases in a confidential, secure environment from anywhere in the world.

Featured at IoT Innovation Labs

HPE Edgeline Systems: Powering the industrial IoT
Leading the move from the data center to the edge, HPE Edgeline enables instant action on business, engineering, and scientific insights. And ushers in a new wave of IoT technologies—machine learning at the edge, fraud prevention, automated maintenance, and more.
IoT World Innovation Lab and HPE Moonshot
The IoT Discovery Lab includes HPE Moonshot Systems for additional hands-on testing and demonstration. With HPE Moonshot you can make better use of your data center and significantly reduce the complexity of your infrastructure, thanks to breakthrough economics.
Internet of Things (IoT) company partners
The IoT Innovation Lab is brought to you by HPE along with best-in-the-industry partners who help provide innovative and integrated platforms for our customers. We welcome interest in joining our partner ecosystem.