High Performance Computing Solutions

HPE makes supercomputing more accessible and affordable for an ever-widening variety of organizations and industries.

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Break through with massive compute

With High Performance Computing (HPC) from HPE, you can overcome the barriers to supercomputing and compete in increasingly aggressive markets. When you are tasked with solving the world’s largest scientific, engineering and data analysis problems, you need the planet’s most powerful, most efficient machines.

HPC solutions provide more power for innovations

Greater computing capabilities through energy efficiency

Energy efficiency has become an increasingly crucial requirement in the race to develop the next generation of high performance computing systems. New advancements in energy efficiency research enable more powerful and efficient HPC systems.

Accelerate deep learning intelligence

HPE enables you to accelerate real-time insights and intelligence for deep learning with innovations in system design, partner ecosystem, and HPE Pointnext expertise.

The world’s most advanced production supercomputer

The HPE SGI 8600 is the world’s most advanced production supercomputer. It has been architected for best performance, scale, and efficiency.

HPC for departments of all sizes

With HPE Apollo 10 Systems, even the smallest department can run deep learning and mixed workload HPC on industry-standard accelerated compute servers.

A range of HPC capabilities

HPE offers HPC solutions that can tackle a wide range of workloads at multiple levels of scale.

Experience the Genesis of HPE Infrastructure Compute

The new HPE infrastructure compute experience

In a world where everything computes, you can harness compute to create insights from data and new business models from ideas. This is the genesis of the HPE Compute Experience, powered by Gen10, 3PAR, Nimble Storage, and Arista Networking.

What is Supercomputing and What Does HPE Offer?

HPE supercomputing, a national asset

HPE builds more of the most powerful supercomputers than any other company. To keep America the world leader in supercomputing, we are working to deliver exascale computing technologies to the world with exponentially higher performance and efficiency compared to today’s supercomputers.

DoE Develops Exascale Prototype with HPE High Performance Computing

Pushing the exascale frontier with the U.S. DoE PathForward program

HPE received a U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) PathForward Program award to develop an Exascale prototype design. HPE Expertise in HPC and AI, and innovations in Memory-Driven Computing are helping us overcome significant constraints in systems architecture, component technology, energy efficiency, size, and cost.

Success stories

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Building a global chemical research supercomputer

BASF collaborates with HPE to develop one of the world’s largest supercomputers for industrial chemical research based on the new generation of HPE Apollo 6000 systems. The new supercomputer drives the digitalization of BASF's worldwide research.

Insights into the universe from in-memory HPC

COSMOS, founded by Stephen Hawking et al, leverages HPE Superdome Flex to analyze massive data sets and further our understanding of the universe.

Providing access to resources through HPC and big data

Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC) uses HPE Apollo 2000, HPE Integrity Superdome X and HPE ProLiant DL580 servers for its award-winning Bridges resource.

Ghent University in Belgium speeds research

The University’s HPE Apollo 6000 System supports bioinformatics, engineering and statistics research, while keeping costs down and enhancing operational efficiency.

Accelerating HPC with HPE Apollo 6000 Gen10 system

Bringing the advanced HPC capabilities of the HPE Apollo 6000 Gen10 System required a multi-faceted, collaborative engineering project. The exhaustive process meant striving for easier serviceability, better deployment, power use, density and more.

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Components delivering HPC

Building out an HPC environment requires a variety of components. Take a look at hardware and software offerings that can help you complete your system.



Our holistic software environment specifically for HPC optimizes application performance, increases throughput and scales across thousands of compute nodes.

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Take an innovative approach to infrastructure management with HPE OneView, based on software-defined intelligence across compute, storage and networking resources.

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Meet system demands for more bandwidth, increased throughput and cost-effective scalability with server adapters that can optimize performance.

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Deploy high-performance connectivity for HPC clusters, by adding switches from Intel and Mellanox that provide more bandwidth for demanding workloads.

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Ideal for the maximum performance requirements of research and engineering projects, these GPUs speed up computing and graphics tasks while consuming less power.

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These intelligent solutions from Mellanox make data centers run more efficiently, delivering data faster to applications and improving system performance.

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Bringing more HPC power to more industries

We’re making HPC available and affordable to business, scientific and academic communities of every size—everywhere.

Manufacturing and engineering

HPE delivers CAE solutions that speed product design by enabling advanced simulations and fast prototyping of even the most complex models.

Financial services

Financial institutions can take advantage of HPC to gain more insights from data, shave milliseconds off trading time, and comply with challenging regulations.

Life sciences

Deploy high-performance connectivity for HPC clusters, by adding switches from Intel and Mellanox that provide more bandwidth for demanding workloads.


To locate promising petroleum fields and study fluid dynamics, geoscientists and engineers use HPC for geologic visualization and large data set processing.


With HPE, higher education labs can harness supercomputing performance to do research on massive data sets, including true artificial intelligence and deep learning.

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