Additional Datacenter Care Services

Expand your data center experience with Data Center & Hybrid IT Support Services tailored to your needs.

The Building Blocks of Better IT Operations

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Expert Help Tailored to the Way You Do Business

Our one environment-focused approach keeps your care holistic and thorough. With HPE, you always get an assigned account team, specialized expertise and advanced call experience.
Additional service options for Datacenter Care include support for NFV, multi vendor ecosystems, SAP HANA Tailored Datacenter Integration (TDI), cloud and hyperscale.

Operate and Strategically Evolve Your Cloud Environment

Take advantage of all HPE has to offer to simplify the adoption and operation of a hybrid environment, and to get the most from your cloud systems.

Operate and Manage Your Cloud Solution with HPE Datacenter Cloud Experts

HPE Datacenter Care for Cloud (Helion)

HPE Datacenter Care for Cloud is tailored with expert guidance to operate and manage your cloud solution. Tap into our expertise and assistance with implementing, operating and evolving hybrid IT environments.

HPE Datacenter Care with Microsoft Azure

HPE Datacenter Care customers can access, use and pay for Microsoft Azure public cloud services and be supported as part of one contract, with one partner to rely on for truly hybrid IT. And the new Datacenter Care Specialist Advice for Microsoft Azure service provides personalized guidance from an assigned Azure specialist who can help you get the most from your Azure investment.

Streamline Operations and Manage Risk in Your NFV Environment

Simplify the overall NFV support process and get the environment-wide support coverage that you require to make NFV a success in your organization.

HPE Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) Solution Support

Rely on one accountable partner that offers you a consistent, streamlined service relationship that improves your NFV platform stability, gives you access to the right experts with personalized service and focuses your resources on more innovative, business-facing work.

Improve your NFV Platform with HPE Personalized Services

Support Technology from Dozens of Vendors

Imagine if you had a single contact to support multiple products from a variety of vendors in locations around the world. With the HPE support service for multi vendor products you do.

Simplify IT Multi-Vendor Support Management with a Single HPE Datacenter Experience

HPE Datacenter Care for Multi Vendor

We consolidate the responsibility for vendor management and service delivery into a single service agreement. Simplify IT operations management, allowing for cost effective administration of complex, multi vendor environments and streamlined SLA management. Regardless of whether we support HPE products or those from other vendors, you enjoy the same Datacenter Care experience.

Realize the Full Benefits of SAP HANA

Streamline your SAP HANA experience by utilizing existing hardware and infrastructure components, reducing complexity while saving on time and costs.

HPE Datacenter Care for SAP HANA Tailored Datacenter Integration (TDI)

With the addition of the SAP HANA TDI option to your HPE Datacenter Care service your IT infrastructure problems get resolved faster by trained SAP HANA technical HPE experts. Now you can realize the full benefits of your environment while improving availability and performance.

Get Trained SAP HANA Technical Support with HPE Datacenter Care Service

Work with a Partner Who Can Help You Operate at Scale

A relationship-based service that can scale while remaining cost effective – it’s Hyperscale support designed specifically for your IT operating model.

HPE Datacenter Care for Hyperscale

HPE Datacenter Care for Hyperscale offers tailored services for service providers and/or high-performance computing customers using web-scale computing. Manage as many of the routine tasks as you like, align support levels to suit your needs and get fast access to HPE experts when you need them.

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