Operational Technology (OT)

What is Operational Technology (OT)?

Operational technology includes the data acquisition system, control systems and industrial networks found at the “edge” of many industrial and manufacturing organisations. These sophisticated OT devices capture, analyse and take action in real time.

What is converged OT + IT?

Physical systems convergence of OT and IT brings together OT capabilities with enterprise-class IT capabilities in a single system and deploys them at industrial and manufacturing edges, delivering significant business benefits including space savings, energy savings, higher performance and lower operating costs.

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What are the challenges of converged OT + IT?

Implementing a converged OT + IT system from scratch can be complex. Determining the right combination of tested and supported OT hardware components and the correct operating systems, firmware, drivers and management tools is, at best, time-consuming and can be challenging when problems arise during configuration and deployment. A well-integrated, all-in-one converged system can simplify and expedite converged OT + IT set-up.

What is HPE Edgeline OT Link?

HPE Edgeline OT Link is software-defined intelligent HW and SW that dramatically simplifies deployment and management of converged OT and IT systems in a secure and reliable way. HPE Edgeline OT Link is delivered through a combination of OT Link certified modules supported on HPE Edgeline, plus OT Link Platform software and Workload Orchestration software for software-defined configuration and application orchestration

How does HPE deliver OT Link?

HPE Edgeline OT Link certified modules for physical integration of control systems, data acquisition systems and industrial networks, along with an open SDK/API’s and OT Link Services for third party custom SW and HW development.

HPE Edgeline OT Link Platform software is for fast and simple configuration and orchestration of HPE Edgeline Converged Edge Systems and third party industry standard x86 systems.

HPE Edgeline Workload Orchestrator is a centralised repository of containerised analytics that can be deployed to HPE Edgeline Converged Edge Systems.

Why HPE Edgeline OT Link?

HPE Edgeline OT Link is fast, as it can deploy Edgeline Converged Edge Systems with one-touch provisioning. HPE Edgeline OT Link is simple, as it can orchestrate OT + IT applications in just a few clicks. HPE Edgeline OT Link is secure, as it helps protect Converged Edge Systems with integrated security and enterprise-class reliability.