What is virtualization?

What is virtualization?

When you’re running a business with remote or branch offices, you need to save time and keep costs low. Virtualization lets you allocate resources to applications as needed, so you can run multiple applications on a single server—like accounting, productivity, and payroll apps. That means you can run more applications on the servers you have, helping you save money while still managing the increasing number of workloads you rely on to run your business.

More capacity, less complexity

HPE Solutions for Virtualization are built on HPE ProLiant micro tower, tower, or rack servers combined with Microsoft Hyper-V or VMware vSphere® to meet a wide variety of virtualization use cases.

What is virtual desktop infastructure?

What is virtual desktop infastructure?

VDI, or virtual desktop infrastructure, is appropriate when you need remote workers to access multiple applications typically on their work computers. VDI delivers virtualized desktops—which includes the operating system, apps, and their documents—to remote devices with the same experience as a PC at the office. Workloads are processed at the on-premises virtualized server instead of your employees’ laptop, tablet, or smartphone so your workers don’t experience lags and your data stays secure. 

Security that helps you sleep at night

Protect against attacks and quickly recover from downtime with built-in security features from HPE ProLiant Gen10 and HPE ProLiant Gen10 Plus that reduce security risks and disruptions.

What is remote desktop services?

What is remote desktop services?

RDS, or Remote Desktop Services, is appropriate when you need multiple remote workers to access the same system at work from their home computers. RDS enables you to run a single Windows Server instance, either on a physical server or on a virtual machine. The desktop image—with its associated applications and data—is cloned and presented to users who can access it over the network using the remote desktop protocol. 

Boost productivity

HPE virtualization server solutions for small and midsized businesses can help you manage the increasing amount of workloads you count on to run your business, make it easy for employees to work from home, and increase productivity by making files, email, and collaboration tools tools accessible from any device.

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Meet your small or midsize businesses' diverse needs with efficiency that gives you the power and flexibility of multiple servers with the size, savings, and simplicity of a single server.

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