Monetise digital identity management capabilities to create new business models. Create new, engaging and consistent customer experiences with secure and flexible capabilities for a full range of identity trust use cases.

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Video: The eSIM opportunity: device activation made simple
Realise the potential of eSIM

eSIM simplifies the subscription experience, enabling organisations to give users the connectivity they need, when and where they need it. HPE CMS Digital Identity platform provides easy solutions for organisations and brand loyalty for carriers.

Video: Untethered communication across all your devices
Synchronise and monetise digital identities

As consumers use more connected devices, secure digital identity is becoming a requirement as well as a business opportunity. Seamlessly manage your subscriber digital identities across all devices, services and connectivity methods. HPE Digital Identity can help.

Use digital identities to build digital personas

Service providers use various techniques to authenticate users and entitle services. The impact of cloud-based services, 5G and IoT drive a redesign of the scope and architecture of identity management solutions.


Leverage open standards, virtualisation and automation to decrease time to market with new video services. Work with HPE across the complete journey of becoming a digital service provider, from NFV infrastructure to service creation and operations.

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HPE Media Workflow Master 3

The digital TV industry is undergoing a major transformation – moving to an IT-based operation and Internet-based business, while adopting cloud services functionalities. HPE Media Workflow Master 3 offers companies working with complex media-related workflows the means to accelerate the digital production challenges.

HPE Multimedia Services Environment

Expand your market reach with services-on-demand offerings. Deploy a complete multimedia services environment and enable rapid creation of interactive multimedia applications. Reduce costs and enhance user experience.