HPE Superdome Flex and Scale-up Servers

Modular, reliable, and secure compute platforms that power critical applications, accelerate analytics, and tackle HPC and AI workloads holistically.

Grow your system cost efficiently

Start small and grow seamlessly as the demands of your business evolve by using a modular design. HPE Compute Scale-up Server 3200 starts at 4 and scales up to 16 sockets as a single system in 4-socket increments.

Guard against downtime with extreme RAS

Discover innovative reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) features in HPE Superdome Flex that simply don’t exist in other x86 server platforms.

Protect against firmware attacks and malware

Minimize threat exposure to vulnerabilities, including those found in common firmware. HPE Silicon root of trust protection has been added to HPE Compute Scale-up Server 3200.

Address data silos with efficient consolidation

Whether you use virtualization or deploy on bare-metal servers, HPE Superdome Flex servers are ideal for consolidating performance-intensive database applications.

Our customers

Don’t let Unix migration hold you back

Many businesses delay SAP migrations citing risk, cost, and complexity. The transformation story of India’s biggest steelmaker’s critical SAP environment with HPE lays those fears to rest.

Deliver real-time banking and insights

Modernize and transform core banking with HPE Superdome Flex. Bank on mission-critical availability, security, and low latency.

Breakthrough servers for mission-critical transactional and analytics workloads

Scale-up servers and solutions with the software, services, and support to help you scale your business and turn your data into insights.

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Featured products

HPE solutions for SAP HANA

Accelerate your business with an in-memory database platform. It will help you extract meaningful insights from your business data and give you a 360-degree view of your business.

HPE solutions for Oracle

Optimize your Oracle environment, reduce complexity, and dramatically increase performance by using server, storage, services, and networking infrastructure engineered for the highest levels of availability.

HPE Serviceguard for Linux

Increase uptime for your critical applications by protecting them from faults across physical or virtual environments over any distance with this high availability and disaster recovery clustering solution.

IT transformation solutions

HPE digital transformation services

Collecting data is only the first half of the challenge—knowing what to do with it is the other. Get expert advice and implementation to take your digital enterprise to the next level.

HPE operational support services

Remove complexity and respond rapidly to business demands. HPE Operational Support Services will help you manage the day-to-day IT operational tasks and keep your business ahead of the competition.

HPE GreenLake, the open and secure edge-to-cloud platform

Complete your solution with a hybrid cloud operating model across all your workloads and data. HPE GreenLake - the cloud operating experience you have always wanted – flexible and scalable, combining security, visibility and ease of management.

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