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Compute resources for any workload

Whether your business needs general-purpose compute servers; ultra-flexible, composable infrastructure; high-availability compute for mission-critical apps; or storage-optimized solutions suitable for data analytics and software-defined storage; the HPE GreenLake platform offers solutions across multiple tiers and scales.

Simplified compute operations

Configuring, installing, and operating compute resources is labor-and capital-intensive. Workload-optimized modules are delivered directly to your data center or edge location and installed for you by HPE, freeing up IT staff to focus on higher-value tasks.

Scale up or down on demand

New opportunities and unexpected challenges draw heavily on compute resources. Respond immediately with the built-in buffer capacity that’s part of every HPE GreenLake platform configuration, and HPE will manage the capacity with you to add additional resources before they are needed.

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General purpose compute

Support compute-intensive workloads with rack-optimized servers for scalability in a small footprint. HPE ProLiant—the world’s most secure industry-standard servers—deliver the compute you need with a flexible, software-defined approach built on a foundation of intelligence, security, and an intuitive cloud operating experience.

Composable compute

Gain efficiency and control with software-defined solutions that allow you to deploy IT resources quickly. Combining the HPE Synergy IT composable platform, with the consumption model offered through the HPE GreenLake platform, powers any workload in a way that is easy to consume and sized and curated for your needs.

Storage optimized compute

Support data storage–dense workloads with a balance of performance, expansion, and manageability for even your most critical applications and data on-premises. HPE Alletra 4000 servers offer an architecture optimized for big data analytics, software-defined storage, backup and archive, and other data storage–intensive workloads.

High availability compute

For workloads demanding the highest levels of availability, HPE NonStop computing solutions are designed from the ground up for business continuity and 100% fault tolerance. The on-premises cloud service provides customers with unrivaled data integrity, and limitless scalability—ideal for demanding, transaction-intensive applications that are critical to your business.

HPE GreenLake for Compute Ops Management

Simplifies and automates operations across the server lifecycle, no matter where your compute infrastructure lives. The service provides a consistent, secure cloud experience for the whole environment that scales elastically and unifies compute management.

HPE GreenLake for Compute Ops Management – OneView Edition

An add-on subscription service that aggregates HPE OneView connections through a centralized, cloud-based console for multi-site management support.

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HPE GreenLake, the edge-to-cloud platform

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